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Mystery TARDIS materialises on Red Hill

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If residents heard a strange, loud sound coming from the top of Red Hill recently, no need to be alarmed - it might just have been Doctor Who touching down in the ACT.

A passer-by spotted the unusual blue box recently, which on closer inspection appeared to be a concrete utility box which had been painted to resemble the TARDIS.

The TARDIS, or Time And Relative Dimension in Space, is the time machine of popular science-fiction hero Doctor Who, who travels the universe adventuring with human companions.

No one can say for sure why the Time Lord has come to the ACT, but Doctor Who Club of Australia president Lauren Davis has a theory.

She said there was an episode of the popular TV series where British politicians turned out to be evil aliens inside suits of human skin, although she couldn't say for sure whether any Australian politicians might have fallen victim.

"We'll need the Doctor to tell us that," Ms Davis said.

Liberal MP George Christensen, who has spoken in parliament about bringing Doctor Who Down Under, said while he wasn't responsible for the graffiti on Red Hill, he hoped it was part of a campaign by Doctor Who fans to get the TV show filmed in Australia one day.

He said the Doctor would have no shortage of phenomena to investigate if he came to Canberra.

"Well there's all sorts of strange goings-on and strange creature in Parliament," he said. "He'd have a field day."

Local Doctor Who fan Sue Gore- Phillips said it showed how much of a following there was for the TV show in Canberra.

"It's been going for 50 years, and it disappeared off our screens for a while.

Someone's still out there. That's funny, that's guerrilla fandom. I love it," she said.

Ms Davis said it was possible the creation of the Red Hill TARDIS had been inspired by the launch of the new series of Doctor Who, featuring actor Peter Capaldi in his first season as the mischievous Time Lord.

The TARDIS had already come to Sydney as part of the Doctor Who World Tour and it was nice to see it in other parts of the country.

Canberra politicians could learn a little from the the Doctor.

"People need to take the messages of the show about doing their best to help others and not taking things at face value, and if they could apply that to some of the issues they're dealing with in Australia at the moment maybe things would be a bit better," Ms Davis said.

Caption: HOUSE CALL: The sci-fi utility box.

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