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New Dr Who plays it straight

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PLEASE don't laugh at "Dr. Who," unless he happens to crack a joke between monsters.

For Jon Pertwee will be most offended.

Mr. Pertwee, best known on TV and radio as a comic, becomes the third Doctor Who—following William Hartnel and Patrick Troughton—when the unsinkable, science-fiction series returns to BBC 1 this afternoon. Jon Pertwee is staking a lot on this show. He hopes it will brainwash producers and film executives Into recognising him as an actor.

"For many years I was a straight actor in the legitimate theatre," he explains.

"Then I did a radio show with Eric Barker and became ... er, illegitimate. Ever since, I've been regarded as a comedian."

Seven years ago, Mr. Pertwee decided to push his type-casting as "eccentric funnyman" into the background, and return to the theatre.

He has scored many successes in plays, starred on Broadway—and is still regarded as a comic, by many TV and film men. "They're a bit slow in the uptake," he comments.


"I hope they get the message now. I'm playing Dr. Who absolutely straight — Pat Troughton gave him a touch of Chaplinesque comedy, but I see him as a rather dashing man of action."

The opening tale, he promises. will face Dr. Who with "the most horrifc monster yet encountered."

The story was filmed on location at a BBC research centre in a Worcestershire mansion.

Since he's also flirting with comedy in "The Navy Lark" on radio, and working in cabaret many nights of the week, rest is a thing that actor Jon Pertwee seems able to ignore. However, according to the programme. he IS supposed to be several thousand years old, with superpowers ...

Caption: Jon Pertwee ... facing the most horrific Dr. Who monsters yet.

Spelling correction: William Hartnell

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