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Not tonight, Dalek

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1984-10-30 Sun.jpg

  • Publication: The Sun
  • Date: 1984-10-30
  • Author: Janet Midwinter
  • Page: 13
  • Language: English

Cuddly robots will be perfect sex partners

CUDDLY robot sex partners are on the way — and they will never say " Not tonight, darling."

They will be nothing like Dr Who's Dalek mechanical nasties, programmed to EX-TER-MIN-ATE.

Instead they will be warm, friendly and never too tired to make love, according to lecturer Neil Frude of Cardiff University.

Dr Frude says in a new book: " Whispering sweet nothings will be no problem at all, and cuddles would. be the least of a robot's technical difficulties.

"The new robot lovers will walk, talk, and have limitless energy. There's no reason to think they would be cold metallic objects.


"Robots are a new medium and will be exploited for their erotic qualities. We are also talking about a new dimension in pornography."

In the book. Robot Heritage, Dr Frude, 37, says machines will win people's hearts.

Within 10 years it will be possible to have a discussion with a robot which will assess the intellect of the human it is talking to and adjust the level or conversation accordingly.

"People like talking to machines and they reveal much more of their secret lives," he says.

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