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Is there a Doctor in the house? Marion Mcmullen experiences a taste of life as a Time Lord as actor Peter Capaldi prepares to move into the Tardis...

MY bags were packed and I was just waiting for the key to the Tardis to be handed over.

Admittedly I have no Time Lord DNA in my genetic make-up and I've never been to Gallifrey, but I was more than happy to step in and help save the world from Daleks, Weeping Angels and Cybermen. Well maybe not Cyberman. I'm not that brave.

Matt Smith is moving out and the Tardis was looking for a new tenant - and I figured I had all the necessary qualifications. Watching every episode of Doctor Who has got to count for something.

I even grew up with all the Doctor Who books neatly stacked on my bedroom bookshelf in alphabetical order, and was convinced as a mini-couch potato that I could buy a bus ticket to the Time Lord's home planet if I just managed to save up all my pocket money.

Companions - and Doctors - have come and gone since then. The Tardis has had a few makeovers and there are now more scary aliens around than ever before.

But I still couldn't stop a geeky squeal when I found myself standing outside the famous blue phone box door on the BBC's Doctor Who set in Cardiff.

I had to be escorted through turnstiles and past intriguing studio doors bearing the names of assorted TV programmes to reach the most famous door in the universe.

I suddenly felt I was in the far reaches of the galaxy instead of a television studio in Wales. But the wonder had only just started, for beyond the door was the Tardis itself and, yes, it is bigger on the inside than the outside.

For once I was lost for words as I took in the shiny heart of the Tardis. There were the controls familiar from countless episodes of Doctor Who watching and the alien emblems on the walls.

The tour guide was obviously used to people being left a little awestruck at their first sight of the legendary time machine and gave everyone a minute to get used to the surroundings ... and take lots and lots of photos.

The long-awaited Tardis Studio Tour at the BBC's Roath Lock Studios in Cardiff Bay has only just opened and allows small groups of fans and budding time-travellers a chance to see where the magic happens.

The same Tardis set will also be seen in the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who on November 23.

I carefully checked there were no Daleks lurking in the shadows before joining my friends for some photos of the out-of-this-world experience. My American friend Emily Himber had crammed a lifetime of Doctor Who episodes in before flying to the UK and knew more about the world of the Time Lord than me.

We happily pointed out parts of the console we recognised from past episodes and took a peek underneath the controls into the famous metallic thrumming Tardis engine.

Time might have no meaning in a Time And Relative Dimension In Space machine, but all too soon it was time to leave. A Weeping Angel and a Dalek guard the set, and you don't mess with an electronic killing machine whose favourite word is "Exterminate" or a being from another dimension who can ruin your life in just the blink of an eye.

Luckily there was the Doctor Who Experience still to enjoy, with a chance to help the Time Lord save the planet, meet aliens past and present and even learn how to walk like a monster.

More than a few adults were heard grumbling when they were asked to let the youngsters stand at the front of some of the interactive elements. Who wouldn't want to fly the Tardis? Everyone was excited to find out the identity of "Houdini" - the codename for the 12th incarnation of the Doctor - and to see the adventures of the 1,000 year old Time Lord with two hearts continue.

Visitors to Cardiff, especially Doctor Who fans, should book a place on the Tardis while they can. Filming begins in September on the new series, with Peter Capaldi ready to regenerate into 12th Doctor.

"Being asked to play The Doctor is an amazing privilege," he said. "Like the Doctor himself I find myself in a state of utter terror and delight. I can't wait to get started."

Doctor Who is the longest-running sci-fi TV series in the world. There have been 798 episodes and 40 companions over the years and the Time Lord is now celebrating his 50th anniversary on the BBC.

The Thick Of It star Peter Capaldi follows William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith and, of course, me. Well, I mean, I was in the Tardis before him .... that's all I'm saying.

NEED TO KNOW PRICES for the Doctor Who Experience at Cardiff Bay start from £22.71 for adults and £16.18 for children (incl booking fee). For the ultimate Doctor Who Experience, purchase the Doctor Who Experience plus Ultimate Tour ticket. It includes general admission ticket, the Tardis tour plus a walking tour around Cardiff Bay visiting locations where the TV show was actually filmed.

They are only available for a limited time. Go to for further details.

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