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When Tom Baker says, "He's come from the past. When he comes back, he finds everyone is an alien," you'd assume he's talking about Doctor Who.

And you'd assume wrong. Because this is not the multicoloured-scarf-wearing Baker incarnation of TV's most famous time traveller, but the multicoloured-tartan-wearing, sporran-sporting Baker incarnation of one Donald MacDonald, long-lost brother of Hector, who left Monarch of the Glen's Glenbogle with a bit of a bang after his dog, "Useless" (well, that's one word for it), helpfully deposited some plastic explosives at his feet.

At 70, Baker rings a pretty explosive force to the screen himself. As one of his Monarch co-stars, Marti Compston (Ewan), says: "He's such a presence. We've all had to raise our game being around him, otherwise he'd dominate every scene." Meet the man himself, and find out n re about the new series of one of TV's best-loved dramas, on page 16.

Mind you, over on Radio 4, a bit of a Tardis-like experience is going on there, too. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy returns with a new six-part series, and features nearly all the original cast even though it's more than 25 years since the first series - and includes (wait for it) writer Douglas

Adams himself, despite his distressingly premature death back in 2001. Yes, I know - it's enough to make you feel as if you've entered a different space-time continuum, too. But at least if our feature on page 28 doesn't provide an answer to the feverish questions raised by this apparent intergalactic confusion, I can only say, in soothing tones, "There, there, now, it's 42," and I hope you'll feel better ... or utterly bemused (because you're under 35-ish, aren't you?).

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