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New wizardry a key to time and space ...

AS a former Dr. Who — he was the second of the species— Patrick Troughton is used to time travel. But even the three years he spent playing the celebrated time lord scarcely qualified him fur his latest TV role — as a 600-year-old.

"Like Dr. Who he is a magician too, an old alchemist," explains Troughton, who grew a splendid beaver beard for the role in the B.B.C.'s lavish

new adaptation of John Masefield's The Box of Delights which starts on Wednesday.

Troughton is full of admiration both for the book and the serial. It cost over £1,000,000, a big budget for a children's production and makes the most of the latest electronic wizardry to transport characters in time and space.

"The alchemist masquerades as a Punch and Judy man and as well as discovering the elixir of life he possesses a magic box which the forces of evil want to get their hands on.

"On this occasion he is forced to hand the box into the safekeeping of a young boy.

"The boy is quite beautifully played by a young man although we did have our worries about him.

"Filming lasted from January to July during which time he grew three inches and had to be kilted out in a new suit for the role. And then we were worried that his voice would break before the serial was in the can. Luckily it didn't."

Already thee Box of Delights has been sold to 220 stations in the U.S. and at Christmas will be screened in many other countries round the world, including Japan.

Unlike Dr. Who in the early days Troughton does not expect it to have young children crouching petrified behind the settee.

"It is not as terrifying as Dr. Who could be but I think children will find it mysterious and even menacing," says Troughton, who is amused at the way Masefield makes his villain (played by Robert Stephens) a clergyman.

Although he made his last regular appearance as the time lord as long ago as 1969 he is still widely recognised by youngsters, thanks to the frequent repeats.

And he still keeps up the links with the show by way of appearances at Dr Who conventions — he is about to fly out to Chicago for a week.

"Basically you just sit on a stage and answer questions — apart from signing autographs ad nauseam.

"Jon Pertwee often comes along too and we make a big thing out of pretending we hate each other. It's a lot of fun, especially as we are really good friends."

Caption: Patrick Troughton as Dr. Who.

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