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Reasons to watch the 'Doctor Who' 50th anniversary special

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Nov. 23 is a day that will go down in history. One of England’s most renowned cultural icons, One Direction, announced an entire day in its own honor for the release of their third album, “Midnight Memories.” All eyes will be on Harry, Liam, Zayn and the other two. No show about an eccentric time-traveling alien that’s coincidentally celebrating its 50th birthday on the same day will be able to compete. So to help keep things fair, here are some reasons why you should be excited for the 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who.”

1. Doctor-on-doctor action

Isn’t it always fun to watch a crazy person argue with himself or herself? That’s actually a big part of the anniversary. The special Day of the Doctor will have the Eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith, team up with his previous incarnation, the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant.

Although they played the same character, each actor brings an entirely different personality to the role. When the past and current doctors collide, it reaches a level of self-deprecation few could dream of. Everything from catchphrases to TARDIS interiors will be insulted.

There’s even a new incarnation of the Doctor, played by John Hurt, whom the other two doctors refuse to talk to. What better way to relate to an alien that’s lived for hundreds of years than knowing he also has to deal with an elderly, drunken relative around Thanksgiving?

2. Your friends won’t talk about “Doctor Who” as much

If you haven’t been caught in a conversation with a diehard Whovian yet, consider yourself lucky. Many fans can’t contain themselves as the 50th anniversary approaches. This is not in a figurative sense either. If “Doctor Who” fans don’t openly fantasize about David Tennant’s hair once every 24 hours, they’ll become a danger to themselves and consider publishing their opinions on Tumblr. And 16-year-old girls will rip them to shreds in between writing fan fictions. There will be no mercy.

Because of this, Whovians can become a mix of both confusion and annoyance to those around them who don’t watch the show. You get it, bow ties are cool, and they’ve made their point already. Why won’t they just move on … Oh god, why are they talking about fezzes now…

Fortunately, once the 50th anniversary comes and goes, you won’t have to worry about that so much. The fuel for the flames will be depleted. After about a week, they’ll all go back to complaining about why it’s taking so long to make the new season of “Sherlock.”

3. David Tennant is back!

Honestly, this should be the only reason that counts. David Tennant, as mentioned before, is the man who played the previous incarnation of the Doctor from 2005-2010. He’s responsible for bringing many fans into the series.

He brought the charm, charisma and bulging eyes of someone tweaking out on meth. It was, surprisingly, a much-needed addition to the series. He has been widely regarded as one of the best actors for the role. His return is another chance to enjoy him and his hair.

It’s just so fluffy. Like, goddamn, if you could run your hands through that beautiful mane, all the wisdom of the world would be at your fingertips, and everything would seem French as you screamed “Allons-y” at the top of your lungs. But it’s important to move on from that.

4. All the great new snacks you can make

In an effort to celebrate, BBC has released recipes based off the series, which include mini Dalek cakes. The Daleks have been known to wipe out billions of lives for the sake of becoming the superior race, but don’t let that stop you from exterminating your hunger in the form of chocolate death.

There’s also a recipe for fish fingers and custard. The odd pair was used as a joke on the show, but now the disgust can be genuine and in your own home.

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