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Salary Exterminated

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Now, let's take a look at that new Doctor Who job description in full...

Be prepared to do all the time travelling, Dalek destroying and regenerating of previous doctors but for two thirds the salary and a smaller sonic screwdriver.

Be permanently grateful anyone let you in the Tardis in the first place, so definitely never mention any of the above.

Accept you only got the job because of BBC political correctness gone mad.

Don't, although tempting, ever say: "Look, however bad I am I'm never going to be worse than Sylvester McCoy."

Understand that what with all the mod cons 'even a woman' can drive a Tardis these days.

Never, ever, admit you're a mother. It's bad enough you're a woman for goodness sake.

If anyone hears the kids scrapping in the background while you're on a call to the cybermen, pretend it's a pair of foxes fighting in the garden.

Also try to avoid screaming that there's nothing about time travel you can teach a mum who crams a young kid, a partner and a job into her day.

And finally, after you've rid the world of all known evil... make sure you're home to put a wash on and get the school bags ready for tomorrow.

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