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Scientists invent a thought machine

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Remember the Sensorites in the television serial Dr. Who? They communicated by telepathy. Now fiction again becomes fact.

Scientists are working on a thought machine which would enable people to transmit and pick up messages without speaking or using signals.

The New York scientist has already tested the machine and passed primitive messages across a room.

But news of the sixth-sense machine was given to the International Space Congress in Warsaw today by Dr. Andrew Haley, the American delegation leader.

But he stressed that had nothing to do was telepathy. "Most of telepathy is generally regarded as nonsense, but this method uses the electromagnetic rays of the body to transmit messages to people."

"We already pick up brainwaves with machines to diagnose mental disease. The new research is an extension of this work."

By using radio devices scientists have managed to transfer a series of numbers between people without speech or signals.

But Dr. Haley said: "We are looking for a system whereby men can dispense completely with instruments and yet communicate."

Scientists are trying to develop an extra sense so that astronauts can pass orders to each other without having to use radio or TV.

Dr. Haley, 59-year-old pioneer of rocketry and a space law expert, emphasized the research was merely getting underway. The first successful experiments were carried out only a few weeks ago.

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