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Sit Tight -- The Daleks are Here!

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A tense scene from "Dr. Who And The Daleks"

THE Daleks — metal-clad monsters whose television adventures have enthralled children everywhere — are coming to the screen of the Regal Cinema, Lichfield, for six days next week, in a fill-colour film called "Dr. Who and the Daleks."

The part of Dr. Who, inventor of Taris, a "time an relative dimention in space" machine, is played by Peter Cushing.

With his grand-daughters Barbara (Jennie Linden) and Susan (Robert Tovey), Dr. Who demonstrated the machine to Barbara's boy-friend, Ian (Roy Castle). Ian trips and stumbles against the control planel ... and the four humans are instantly ejected away from the earth.

Landing in a vast petrified forest, they find a box of drugs mysteriously placed near their spaceship. Leaving these inside the Tardis, they set out ot explore a futuristic city -- and there they are captured by the greedy war-mongering Daleks who are determined to "ex-ter-min-ate" both them and the only other form of life on the planet, the friendly Thals.

Only after the earth visitors have escaped from their captros, crossed massive chasms and monster-infested swamps, tricked their pursuers and destroyed a giant neutron bom, is peace restored to the ravaged planet. Dr. Who and his part are free to return to Tardis and -- they hope -- Earth ....!

"Coast of Skeletons", the supporting film, stars Richard Todd and Marrianne Koch.


Here's an exciting picture for you to colour, children. It shows a scene from "Dr. Who and the Daleks", which is being show at the Regal Cinema, Lichfield, all next week.

All you have to do is colour the picture with either paints or crayons, and submit your entry to the "Mercury" offices, 36, Bird Street, Lichfield, by Wednesday morning next week, October 27.

Four prizes of five shillings each will be presented to the best four entries -- taking age into account -- and the results will be announced in next week's "Mercury". Fill in the form below and submit it with your entry.

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