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Talking about miscegenation

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SIX viewers complained to Ofcom about the kiss (as much about sharing oxygen as it was about affection) between the Silurian lizard Madame Vastra and her human wife Jenny in the first episode of Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who. Not sure if it was the same-sex thing or the different-species thing that exercised them, but their meagre number is surely a good sign.

The first "lizbian" (is that a thing now?) smooch can take its place alongside the first gay kiss (EastEnders,1987), first lesbian kiss (The Rainbow,1988), first mouth-on-mouth gay kiss (EastEnders,1989) and first Sapphic soap snog (Brookside, 1993), all of them greeted with ever-diminishing levels of outrage. On YouTube you can even check out the hilarious antics of the Gay Daleks from Victor Lewis-Smith's seminal 1997 comedy series TV Offal.

To really up the ante of outrage, Doctor Who's showrunner Steven Moffat had better factor in some hot Cyberman-on-Sontaran action, pronto.

Caption: "Lizbian" kiss: Siluroian Madame Vastra and human wife Jenny in Doctor Who

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