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The Curse of the Daleks (Financial Times)

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The Daleks, those deathless monsters from Saturday evening's television, have captured Wyndham's Theatre for Christmas season matinees, and anyone who enjoyed seeing them on the television will enjoy seeing them here. Dr. Who and his dim-witted bunch are not around this time, though the authors of the play (David Whitaker and Terry Nation) have written many of the TV scripts for him. The human race is represented instead by the crew of a space-ship that has forced-landed on a planet where the Daleks have been standing immobilised for 50 years by the failure of their motive-power.

The story is quite a good one, with a suspense element (which of the humans is in league with the Daleks?) neatly incorporated into it. For myself, I found the periods of the Daleks' absence too long. but my attendant nephew assured me that the mock-science in the intermediate conversation—it includes an elementary lecture on dietetics among other things—makes good entertainment.

It's the Daleks I went to see, all the same, those armed and animated milk churns rumbling so nimbly on their ball-bearing feet and issuing curt commands through their horrid synthetic vocal apparatus. They were just as good as I'd hoped—better, indeed, for I'd no idea that those hemispherical ornaments all over their plates would turn out to be such a jolly shade of blue. No credits are given in the programme for their able operators. The space-ship's complement are a real credit to the human race, and the two baddies engagingly bad.

The show is directed by Gillian Howell in simple but appropriately melodramatic style, and the sets are by Hutchinson Scott, who shows himself as much at home in the Daleks' Main Control Chamber as in any drawing room in Kensington or Mayfair.

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