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The Daleks have no answer to this

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Wild Notebook

So the human race got saved once again. Thanks to the Doctor, of course. Why does he do it? Why has he become the serial saver of the human race? Because he loves us. and he loves us because we are great. That is the overwhelming answer as vet another fabulous series of Doctor Who comes to an end.

"I love the human race!" the Doctor cries. He loves us because we go for it, we take wild risks. we seek to explore the furthest edges of time and space. The Doctor loves the human spirit, the glorious, renaissance manhood and womanhood of us all. We are oppressed and threatened by alien species on a weekly basis. hut the Doctor always saves us. Above all. he saves us from the Daleks: and he hates the Daleks with a passion because of their love of death and destruction. He saves us because, when all is said and done, we deserve it.

That is the glorious humanist message of Doctor Who I think the doctor should have gone into things more thoroughly.

When it conies to death and destruction of races other than our own, the humans are not only champions of the world. they are probably champions of all space and time as well. Tigers are slithering towards extinction. The cries for resuming our all-out war on whales continue. The days of the polar bear are numbered. The holocaust of the albatrosses is a fact of daily life. Every spring migrating birds are slaughtered.

The rainforests continue to come down and the seas are full of lethal crap and the cities swell and the greenhouse gases gather as we demand more room and more wealth and more people.

So far as non human life forms are concerned. there is only one message blasted out over the wastes of space and time. Obliterate! Annihilate! Exterminate! The humans are the real Daleks: when the humans are on the rampage, all alien species are in danger And the rampage is never-ending. If you think such a conclusion too bleak. then cheer-yourself up by buying an acre of rainforest. The World Land Trust will tell you how.

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