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The Daleks split the audience

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THE Daleks have invaded the Wyndham's stage in full force, with unfriendly loudspeaker voices and waving guns, threatening liquidation as usual, in "The Curse of the Daleks," by David Whitaker and Terry Nation, and the audierice-reaction seems to be this:

All the little boys are fascinated and follow avidly most of the space-dialogue, Little girls like it but can't grasp ,it in detail. Male grown-ups find it difficult to keep pace. Female grown-ups smile tolerantly at their children hut are not emotionally with it.

Everybody has a warm feeling for the Daleks for no apparent reason just as they do on B B C Television at Saturday tea time.

In this Christmas matinee play the humans are discovered on hard a space-ship, which makes a forced landing on the Daleks' planet. Skaro, The Daleks, who have had their power cut off, come to life again and plan to invade Earth.

One of the humans is a traitor who obtains control of the Daleks so as to be ruler of the universe, as usual.

The play suffers from explanatory wordiness. There is too much space-jargon and too little action in Act I but in Act II after the tots have discussed the outlook learnedly over ice cream, things liven a lot as the Daleks act in close formations

No-one quite like William Hartnell as Dr. Who on TV offers Bertrand Russell-like wisdom in the unprecedented situations but John Line is a resourceful leader and Nicholas Hawtrey a clearheaded space-ship captain, while Hilary Tindall has charm of a sort as one of those hardish girls of the 21st century. Director, Gillian Howell.

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