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The Day of the Doctor approaches

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Nov. 23 is a hallowed day for Whovians across the globe, marking Doctor Who’s special 50th anniversary episode, “The Day of the Doctor.”

The official BBC 1 trailer came out Nov. 9. Even though its only 40 seconds long, the trailer’s jam-packed with thrilling shots of the upcoming episode.

What may be most exciting about “The Day of the Doctor” is the return of David Tennant (“Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,” 2005), who played the tenth Doctor.

Tennant won’t be the only Doctor on the screen though. John Hurt (“V for Vendetta,” 2005), who some may remember from his appearance in “The Name of the Doctor” in May, will be appearing in the episode. He stated to newsource Mail Online he had “given his life” in acting the part of a reincarnated Doctor.

“There is a lot of quasi-scientific nonsense which doesn’t stay in your head that easily and that meant entire weekends spent on solid learning,” Hurt said.

And, of course, Matt Smith (“In Bruges,” 2008) will be gracing TV screens with his presence as the eleventh Doctor as well.

Some other intriguing advents include Jenna Coleman (“Captain America: The First Avenger,” 2011) as the eleventh Doctor’s companion, Clara, and the return of Billie Piper (“Secret Diary of a Call Girl,” 2007) as Rose Tyler.

Piper’s reappearance is almost as exciting as Tennant’s. Not only was she the tenth Doctor’s first companion, but also his tragic love interest. This romance eternally labeled her as “the girl who loved” among Tennant’s three main companions. She also absorbed the heart of the TARDIS, which the ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston (“The Others,” 2001) had to absorb from her so she wouldn’t die, causing his regeneration into the tenth Doctor. However, Tyler was not left completely depleted of TARDIS powers.

It will not only be interesting to see what’s done with the chemistry between Tyler and Tennant, but how they’ll incorporate her paradox jumping and leftover TARDIS powers.

In fact, there might not be much room for romance, with three Doctors, two companions and a crap-ton of Daleks ready to exterminate them all.

The main premise of “The Day of the Doctor” surrounds the eleventh Doctor and his companion Clara. They’re still stuck in the Doctor’s timeline and the only way to escape is to visit The Time War, the Doctor’s most catastrophic day.

Cue 40 seconds worth of angry Daleks, explosions, epic CGI, Tyler’s glowing TARDIS eyes, Doctor shenanigans and fezzes.

The trailer is definitely raising expectations for “The Day of the Doctor,” as it should. Not only will it be Smith’s second-to-last episode as The Doctor, but will also mark the 50th anniversary of one of the longest running shows on television.

This episode also begins the countdown to Peter Capaldi’s (“In the Loop,” 2009) ascension as the twelfth Doctor in 2014.

So jump on YouTube, watch “The Day of the Doctor” trailer and get pumped for Nov. 23.

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