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The Master returns

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I was thrilled to see The Master back on TV. Were The Master and Doctor Who at school together?

THE Master character in Doctor Who first appeared in a Jon Pertwee episode, Terror Of The Autons, transmitted on January 2, 1971, starring Roger Delgado in the role.

Delgado continued to harass the Third Doctor until 1973. Then the Master didn't reappear in Doctor Who until the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) episode The Deadly Assassin, when he was played by Peter Pratt.

Anthony Ainley played a new version of The Master, in the Tom Baker episode The Keeper Of Traken.

The Master can be regarded as Doctor Who's Moriarty, an evil crime lord whose goal is to control the universe (in The Deadly Assassin, his ambitions were described as becoming 'the master of all matter'), with a secondary objective of eliminating Doctor Who.

His most distinctive ability is hypnotising people by fixing them with an intense stare, accompanied by the phrase: 'I am The Master, and you will obey me.' In the Peter Davison episode The Five Doctors, The Master, played by Ainley, says to the First Doctor: 'Believe it or not, we were at the Academy together.' This is supposed to be a reference to the Prydonian Academy, a school or university which both the Doctor and the Master attended. It has since been revealed that The Master achieved a higher classification of degree than the Doctor.

As alumni of this establishment, the Master and the Doctor are members of an elite known as the Deca as revealed in Gary Russell's Missing Adventure, Divided Loyalties. Other alumni are Drax, Ushas (The Rani), Mortimus (The Meddling Monk), Magnus, Vansell, Jelpax, Rallon and Millennia.

The Master, as played by Ainley, last made an appearance in the Seventh Doctor story Survival, starring Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor. He had a brief resurgence in the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) TV movie, played by Eric Roberts.

In the new series, the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) meets The Master played by Sir Derek Jacobi and John Simm.

GRAPHIC: Old foes meet: The Master (Ainley), left, and Doctor Who (Davison)

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