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★★★ THE DAY OF THE DALEKS (BBC), John Pertwee, Katy Manning.

THIS is John Pertwee's first foray into video, as he and his young assistant are catapulted into a future in which the world has been taken over by the Daleks, who are ruling with the help of human traitors aided by savage, ape-like aliens, the Ogrons.

A band of time-travelling guerillas from the 22nd century are trying to change history by journeying back to the 20th century to kill Reginald Styles, the doplomat they believe is responsible for the war which weakened mankind and led to the Dalek invasion.

The Doctor, however is convinced the guerillas are wrong and that they themselves mistakenly caused the ultimate catastrophe they are trying to prevent, when one of them was left behind in the 20th century. He and Jo manage to escape back to this era, pursued by the Daleks.

Will they manage to change the future.

Spelling corrections: Jon Pertwee, diplomat

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