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What Comes In Cans And Is Nasty?

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Cinema : Studio One

DO — you — want — to - know Who — ia — Dr. Who — and — what — are — the Daleks ?

If — so — you — are — either — a — very — grown up — square — or — you - fritter - your — life — away — looking — and — listening — to — ITV.

For the past year the B.B.C. has enlivened its Saturday afternoon viewing public by a children's science fiction thriller which has brought the grownups into the house in droves. There is a batty professor who has invented a space machine which is capable of hurtling its way through time, either into the past or the future. There is a rather dim young hero and a couple of girls, one nubile, one juvenile.

There are also a sinister spatial menace in the form of the Daleks. Centuries ago they might have been human beings. But down came a thermonuclear war and frizzled practically every living thing. The Daleks survived the holocaust, but, because their planet is now radioactive. have retreated into art underground city where they live inside individual suits of protective sheet metal.

The film version of, how Doctor Who and his whizz kids meet and puncture this race of canned villains has been done into vivid Technicolor, and occasionally hits you in the eye like a squirt of fly-spray.

The purist fans of Dr. Who (particularly the 5-to-11 group) will probably, object to the change of cast and the change of mood among the, human beings in tine story.


The dotty doctor Is played in this film by Peter Cushing rather In the manner of a mad hatter looking for a lost tea party. The dim hero has turned into Roy Castle at his daftest, tripping over every twig in sight.

Only the two girls (Jennie Linden and Roberta Tovey) look and sound normal.

The pacifist victims of the Daleks' evil intentions, the Thals. turn out to be a bunch of golden-haired boys and girls heavily made-up with blue eye-shadow, dressed in the sort of tennis-wear that didn't make Wimbledon this year.

But no one will complain about the Daleks. Very nasty types, these, and no joke about It.

Their abrasive voices cut your eardrums. Their spiny protuberances spit smoky venom. They pretended to be dead at the end of this film, but I don't believe it.

As I came out of the cinema I distinctly heard a tinned voice Intoning :-

"We - will - be - back. Watch-out - for - the - sequel."

Ho - hum.


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