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  • Publication: Daily Star
  • Date: 2017-04-06
  • Author: Peter Dyke, Edward Gleave
  • Page: 24
  • Language: English


THE Doctor's latest companion Pearl Mackie kicks off the series admitting she loves girls.

Two minutes into the launch episode, The Pilot, her character canteen worker Bill Potts blabs that she fancies one of the students at her university.

She tells the Time Lord, who is working undercover as a lecturer there: "My first day here in the canteen, I was on chips and there was this girl... beautiful like a model... only talking and thinking.

"I gave her extra chips every day and finally she looked at me."

Bill later appears to develop a girl crush on a mystery figure called Heather and this leads to her first adventure with The Doctor (Peter Capaldi).

However, show runner Steven Moffat insists that - despite these scenes - he does not want a fuss made over the fact Bill is gay.

He said: "It's important we don't make a fuss about this in a children's show.

"We don't want kids who regard themselves as boring and normal and happen to fancy their own gender to feel like they are some kind of special case."

Pearl added: "People are gay. So what?"

It will be Peter's last series as The Doc. He bows out at Christmas and said: "It will be sad to leave."

• Doctor Who launches on Saturday, April 15 on BBC One at 7.20pm.

Your episode by episode guide

1) The Pilot: The Doc meets canteen worker Bill Potts and the adventures begin. Look out for Daleks and their arch foes The Movellans (last seen in 1979's Destiny Of The Daleks).

2) Smile: Set on a futuristic planet (filmed at The City of Arts & Science Museum in Valencia) it features killer emoji robots who hug you to death. The Royle Family's Ralh Little stars.

3) Thin Ice: The Doc, Bill and Nardole arrive for The Great Frost Fair in London in 1814 but danger lurks. They discover why the River Thames is shaped like a giant snake.

4) Knock Knock: Billed as one of the most scary episodes ever with Poirot's David Suchet as The Landlord. Viewers will discover the reason why their floorboards creak

5) Oxygen: The Doctor and his crew land the Tardis somewhere in outer space and fans have been told to expect a brand new monster in this episode.

6) Extremis: Steven Moffat describes this one as "very scary". No word yet about the monster but arch enemy Missy (Michelle Gomez) makes a comeback.

7) The Pyramid at the End of the World: Shot in Tenerife. Steven Moffat warns us: "The terrors of the modern world are never far away."

8) The Lie of the Land: Writer Toby Whithouse has brought us vampires, ghosts and Krillitanos and but his latest effort is described as "his best yet".

9) Empress of Mars: The Ice Warriors are back but with a brand new look. They've got a hive on Mars. And there are Victorian soldiers in this one

10) The Eaters of Light: This one is set in ancient Scotland and is said to feature "a Scottish monster". Penned by Rona Munro.

11 + 12) The Finale: The Doc meets The Mondasian Cybermen last seen in the 1960s. Missy returns. And there is an almighty shocker.

Caption: "THE SCARIEST EPISODE EVER": David Suchet appears in the fourth show

Caption: OLD FAVOURITES: The Doc and his gang will face his arch nemeses the Daleks

PETER Capaldi ducked out of naming who he wanted as his successor at the show's launch in London. He said: "I'm sure whoever that person is will be wonderful."

WHAT the doctor ordered - Who chiefs have won the battle to get the show scheduled at the earlier time slot of 7.20pm. Ratings for the last series were down as it aired at 8.30pm.


HAVE Little Britain's comedy duo Matt Lucas and David Walliams fallen out?

It's been six years since Come Fly With Me and now Matt has landed a prime role as The Doctor's companion Nardole.

Asked if fans might see Walliams popping up in the Tardis too, he said: "Not if I have anything to do with it."

Walliams did have a cameo on the show in 2011 playing an alien but clearly he won't be back.

Matt always wanted to be in the show but hesitated badgering for a role after the death of his former husband Kevin McGee in 2009 as they were both fans. He added: "It was a bit of an emotional thing for me but enough time has passed for me to say: 'I'm ready.'"

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