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Who knew the Doctor was a footballer too?

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PLEASE put your hands together for Matt Smith . . .


Q: Can you clear this up? You took over from David Tennant this year to become the 11th incarnation of Doctor Who, but the Doctor can only have 13 incarnations. Now, an episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures suggests there is no limit, or perhaps 507 incarnations. So, are you immortal?

Smith (pictured): (Laughs.) Well, who knows, right? I guess that's something you'll have to take up with (former Who writer) Russell T. Davies.

Q: But is the folklore of the role important to you? I mean, did you grow up following the show in detail?

Smith: It wasn't actually on the TV when I was growing up, so I didn't get to watch - but I was certainly aware of it because it is ingrained in you. Sadly it was not on the television, so I only got it when it came back with (Christopher) Eccleston and Tennant.

Q: When Tennant handed over the mantle, he said he would only be a phone call away for any advice? Have you taken him up on that?

Smith: Oh yeah, oh yeah. But you know I've not seen David for a while actually. Obviously he's very busy and I'm very busy, we've not really talked about Doctor Who as such. I'm sure as soon as we do get together we will sit and talk Who because he's a huge fan, as am I.

Q: I believe an injury halted a promising career for you as a professional footballer, and that it led you into acting, is that right?

Smith: Yeah, it was. I injured my back when I was 16, severely, so therefore I couldn't play football any more and hence I found acting. And here I am talking to you now.

Q: Doctor Who I imagine has opened other acting doors for you. But what about other projects, other interests - any particular hobby that it means you can now better explore?

Smith: Not really because I'm working so much. When I'm not working I'm learning lines and when I'm not learning lines I'm going for a swim. It tends to be those three things really - oh, and eating occasionally.

Q: How long can you sustain such an intense workload?

Smith: Yeah it is very intense but by the same token I'm 28 so, if not now, when, I guess? I like working hard, I find it rewarding. Most actors carry characters around with them to some degree, but I try to separate the world of the character and the world of me - because obviously (laughs) they are so different.


Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol,

ABC1, Boxing Day, 7.30pm

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