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Doctor Who is a Time Lord, or traveling alien humanoid that can travel through space and time in the TARDIS, a ship that blends in with its surroundings. In the first episode, that mechanism is broken and the ship appears as the blue police box most attributed with the show that airs on BBC America. Throughout Doctor Who’s time on the show, he is faced with many foes as he tries to help people.

Some dedicated Muskies joined the fandom and started LINDA: The Doctor Who Club. This club is for fans, curious students, or even students who just want to meet some new people. The club meets to talk about the show and enjoy the company of other Whovians.

“I thought it would be a good way for people to meet other people who share the same interest,” said President of LINDA: The Doctor Who Club Jon Erdman.

Many people can relate to the fun and relaxation that watching a new show can bring. Although the show has been on for a while now, it remains current and interesting. Many actors have played Dr. Who, and the actor change is actually written into the show as a regeneration process that happens to the main character. This allows the show to stay versatile and has been used as a means to keep fresh and new ideas at the forefront of the series.

“My favorite thing about Doctor Who is the way the show has been able to change with the times,” said Erdman.

Doctor Who has celebrated seven seasons, but in reality is actually a direct continuation of the original British series that dates back to 1963. The show is one of Britain’s most successful series and has received multiple awards for the sheer length of series’ runtime. Fans of the show may experience the feeling that time has moved forward at a warped speed, although that may be part of the fun. Still, let those people be warned that while addictive fandoms are a great way to spend free time, one must use caution when deadlines for real life events arrive.

“For several months [Doctor Who] kind of consumed all of my free time when I was binge-watching all of the episodes,” said Erdman.

Like other fandoms, Doctor Who has exploded on the internet and TV, and people all over the world are delving into space and time travel. The fans at Muskingum University are no exception. The show has given fans a new person to learn from and look up to.

“It has a lot of moments that are really inspirational, the way [The Doctor] finds his ways out of situations without ever resorting to violence,” said Erdman.

Every other Saturday the Doctor Who fan club meets in the Fish Bowl of the Boyd Science Center, Room 338. Time Lords, travelers, and fans alike are all invited to join in the discussion.

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