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Will this man influence young minds?

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The CBC television network may fall under control of a scientific genius, Saturdays at 5:00 p.m. beginning January 23rd. Young viewers won't mind—they'll be fascinated!

CBC Head Office, Ottawa.

IN PURSUANCE of its responsibilities to maintain a regular schedule and the proper exercise of control over its programming, the Corporation wishes to advise the public of a potentially alarming development concerning possible interruption of the television schedule this week by forces beyond the Corporation's control. This warning is directed in particular to parents of young children who are the most likely to be affected by this development.

Recently the Corporation received a communiqué from a certain Dr. Who announcing his intention of using the micro-wave network each Saturday at 5:00 p.m. from January 23rd onwards in order to communicate directly with the children of Canada. It was at first thought that Dr. Who, who claims to be a time-traveller, was merely an eccentric, but security checks by the RCMP revealed that Dr. Who is indeed a bona-fide voyager through the space-time continuum and quite capable of utilizing facilities for his own ends. He has already brought off just such a coup in Great Britain, using the national television service of the BBC. The most brilliant electronics experts of that august body were unable to prevent the doctor from manipulating the air-waves to extend his dominion over young minds. The result is that today thousands of children are literally spellbound by this mysterious person.

What is particularly insidious about his power is the benign appearance of Dr. Who. One would think him a charming old gentleman in his 70s, a trifle odd perhaps and quaintly dressed, but quite incapable of transporting himself and his young companions backwards and forwards in time at will. In fact he is several millenia old and the master-designer of the Tardis, a fantastic vehicle outwardly resembling those blue-painted police telephone kiosks that are a feature of the British metropolitan landscape. Within are the control panels that enable the doctor to perform his incredible feats. These often prove incredible to the doctor himself, who has been known to misplace a decimal point or two and end up in the wrong century.

Unless a major break-through in electronics is achieved by CBC engineers in the immediate future the Corporation regrets it may be powerless to check the usurpation of the network by Dr. Who.

Caption: Among the strange creatures viewers will be exposed to are the Sensorites.

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