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TRAVELLING through time and space in their strange craft, the Tardis, Dr Who and his friends encounter terrifying creatures everywhere from Tibet to distant planets and from the computer world of the future to Palaeolithic times. The monsters of the various series have been chilling our spines since 1963 when the doctor was played by William Hartnell (below, left). Today's Dr Who is Patrick Troughton (below, right). But the stories are just as strange.


Right: Dr Who and Jamie flee from a yeti, or abominable snowman, in Tibet in a 1967 series. Below: the most famous monsters the series has produced: the Daleks of 1963.

Below right: Sensorites were curious creatures who could not stand noise or darkness -- seen in a 1964 adventure.

Who can blame Victoria for screaming at the sight of a Goliath-like ice warrior! But, below, you can see that the warriors' leader in this 1967 series was really that friendly giant, Bernard Bresslaw.

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