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DOGS seem to hound actor Tom Baker wherever he goes these days.

As Dr Who, he was followed around the galaxies for six years by his tin terrier K9.

And now he has to contend with The Hound of the Baskervilles — in his latest role as Sherlock Holmes.

Not that Tom's complaining about his new dog's life.

"I'm not worried about following so many other actors who played Holmes," he says.

"They were all hams — in it for the money and the chance to play a nice fat part. Just like me!"

The Hound of the Baskervilles will be screened on TV later this year as a four-part serial.

Sherlock's famous side-kick Dr Watson, will be played by Terence Rigby.

What does Tom think of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's great detective? The answer, it seems, is elementary ...

"Sherlock Holmes was a self-centred idiot," he says. "He was a megalomaniac, drug addict, and he smoked too much."

But despite these vices, 46- year-old Torn is sure to feel at home ... in Baker Street.

And he certainly put a lot of effort into the part of Holmes, losing 12 lbs to become the lean-looking super sleuth.

Tom's diet? "I mainly gave up tonic water and drank neat vodka," he explains.

The 6 ft. 3 in. actor enjoyed being Sherlock Holmes, but he says: "I'd love to play a villainous Pope, or Moriarty or Dracula.

"I was horrified when they gave the Dracula part to Terence Stamp — a vegetarian!

"My idol is Sydney Greenstreet, and he didn't make the Maltese Falcon until he was 61. So there's time yet."

Tom has other ambitions as well — like winning an Oscar or some other major prize.

One of the most traumatic moments of his life was as a young boy.

"I was following my mother around the store holding onto her coat belt.

"There I was, being towed around, when I looked up and found I was attached to someone else's mother!

"It was my most frightening moment."

Since quitting Dr Who, Tom has appeared on stage as Oscar Wilde and Long John Silver. He says: "They're not so different from Sherlock Holmes. They're all pretty pleased with themselves.

Speaking of Oscar Wilde reminded Tom of his final ambition: "There was one line where Wilde, asked to explain himself replied, 'I like to be liked.'

"But that's not me at all. I don't even want to be loved. I simply want to be adored.

"After I've gone, I want people to say: 'Wasn't Tom Baker wonderful?"

These days Tom still loves to walk around London's Soho in the afternoon.

"It can be wonderful to dip into the low-life squalor of a drinking club and pass an hour or two before cocktail time'"

Sad Split

TOM Baker's greatest wish is to travel back in time to the days of "laughter and love" with his estranged wife Lalla Ward.

He and Lalla, who accompanied him on his Tardis adventures, split up last month.

Tom says: "I still love her. In fact. I ring her most mornings, nice and early, just to say 'hello' and to find out how she is feeling. That shows how much I really care about her."

Lalla, 16 years younger than Baker, left Tom's flat in Chelsea and moved into her own apartment a mile away, saying: "Tom is the kind of person who is better off on his own."

Tom, 47, said: "Just because you live apart does not necessarily mean you stop loving one another.

"I don't know if Lalla feels the same way about me. I hope she does. I love her because she is kind and caring. And she makes me laugh!

"We both used to laugh a lot, but sadly that laughter is now missing."

Tom said: "I don't count our marriage as being over. It is more than a trial separation. however.

"I guess we need some breathing space, time to collect some clear and positive thoughts about the future.

"Lana is extremely busy, too, but I'm sure she will receive lots of invitations to go out socially.

"But there is nobody else in her life — and no one In mine, either."

Caption: TOM and Lalla in happier times.

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