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Nuevas aventuras y aterradores monstruos2007-11-09The Palm Beach Post2019-08-27T01:01:00
Dr. Who Festival1982-02-21The San Francisco Examiner2019-08-27T00:45:49
We'll always have freebooting2008-08-07National Post2019-08-26T00:22:15
Captain Jack hooks 'em2008-08-07National Post
The Province
Calgary Herald
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Sounds and visions2018-08-25Financial Times2019-08-26T00:02:14
Doctor Who: The Complete Fourth Series2008-12-19The Oklahoman2019-08-25T23:59:00
It's him behind 'Doctor Who'2008-02-03Los Angeles Times
Sci-fi series 'Torchwood beats repeats2008-01-20Akron Beacon Journal2019-08-25T23:52:56
Time-Life suit resolved to the tune of $192,5001982-06-25The Lantern2019-08-24T21:25:18
Time-Life sues OSU for film payments1982-02-01The Lantern2019-08-24T21:22:07
Just what the Doctor ordered (The Irish Times)2011-04-30The Irish Times2019-08-24T21:11:43
Doctor Who pal hits small screen2007-10-04CanWest News Service
Nanaimo Daily News
Encore Books1984-06-08The Philadelphia Inquirer2019-08-24T19:13:12
Dr. Who' fans' global moment2013-11-24The Philadelphia Inquirer2019-08-24T19:08:00
Viewers can easily get off on Brit thriller2007-09-08The Philadelphia Inquirer2019-08-24T19:02:11
Doctor Who as a woman? Yes please2017-07-08The Irish Times2019-08-22T23:22:38
A sex change for James Bond and Doctor Who? Give me a break2017-02-21The Irish Times2019-08-22T23:14:25
Where next for Doctor Who?2014-08-23The Irish Times2019-08-22T23:06:34
Doctor Who leads way with simultaneous time travel2011-04-22The Irish Times2019-08-22T22:59:34
Far from the Tardis2010-06-04The Irish Times2019-08-22T22:54:13
Belly laughs2018-08-20The Guardian
Metro (England)
New season brings a new companion to 'Doctor Who'2007-06-30The Spokesman-Review
McClatchy News Service
The Courier-News (New Jersey)
Press & Sun-Bulletin
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News Herald
The Doctor is in for season three2007-07-05Pittsburgh Post-Gazette2019-08-21T01:12:19
Doctor Who The Complete Third Season2007-11-09The Oklahoman2019-08-20T04:54:33
Doctor Who: The Complete Second Series (The Oklahoman)2007-01-19The Oklahoman2019-08-20T02:56:58
From 'X-Files' to the next files2007-11-09Corvallis Gazette Times2019-08-20T02:52:24
BBC's 'Doctor Who' is plenty entertaining2006-06-17The Daily Journal (New Jersey)2019-08-18T18:48:41
Doctor Operates As Charming Version Of Campy Time Traveler2006-03-17The Tampa Tribune2019-08-18T18:45:08
New 'Doctor Who' is out of this world2006-03-21Madison Capital Times2019-08-18T16:25:29
Singing detective to play Dr. Who2005-07-20The Vancouver Sun
CanWest News Service
Doctor Who makes cosmic return2006-03-14Daily Record
Great Falls Tribune
Press & Sun-Bulletin
Asbury Park Press
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There's no sonic screwdrivers but the lab is like the Tardis2018-08-16Metro (England)2019-08-16T23:19:57
The Cartmel Factor2018-08-01Comic Scene2019-08-16T23:16:36
Whittaker joins the 'Whovian' family2018-07-25USA Today2019-08-16T23:14:53
Doctor Who offers a new dimension2018-07-24The Times2019-08-16T23:12:56
He's back on board the TARDIS as Nardole in Doctor Who2017-05-01Gay Times2019-08-15T00:17:18
The Doctor's newest companion, Bill Potts, is gay2017-05-01Diva2019-08-15T00:13:25
Torchwood: the queerest show on TV2016-10-01Gay Times2019-08-15T00:10:35
Mark Gatiss (2015)2015-11-01Gay Times2019-08-14T23:55:50
Girls in time and space: a feminist analysis of the companions of Doctor Who from 1963-19752015-08-01Tarleton State University thesis2019-08-14T23:50:33
Drawn in: here's what has enthralled our staff2015-03-06St. Louis Post-Dispatch2019-08-14T23:47:23
Doctor Who pays return visit to U.S.2006-03-16Pittsburgh Post-Gazette2019-08-14T23:42:08
Mark Gatiss2014-10-01Gay Times2019-08-13T23:29:50
Russell T Davies2014-10-01Gay Times2019-08-13T23:28:17
Who's that girl2014-06-06The Irish Times2019-08-13T23:26:31
John Barrowman2011-08-01Out2019-08-13T23:24:30
Torchwood touches down stateside2010-07-29Between the Lines2019-08-12T23:38:21
The Doctor is in on DVD2010-01-31Akron Beacon Journal2019-08-12T23:36:03
On-screen John Barrowman plays a sex-mad alien investigator. In real life he's from Glasgow2007-10-01Out2019-08-12T23:31:03
New, improved 'Doctor Who'2006-07-04Detroit Free Press
The Daily Dispatch
The Honolulu Advertiser