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Below: How about a two-wheel trip in the mousy? Jill Curazon's off on her moped, leaving Bernard Cribbins to keep an eye on the Dalek. (The latest Dalek film is reviewed on page 14).


ALTHOUGH the Dalek's chief adversary is not mentioned in the title of this futuristic film, Dr. Who is as prominent as ever in this cinema-size helping of their latest destructive onslaught.

When we last saw him on the big screen, the ubiquitous Doctor went off into space to another planet. Now, as then, he is played by Peter Cushing, and he's again accompanied by Roberta Tovey as his granddaughter Susan. Playing his other travelling companions this time are Jill Curzon as his niece and Bernard Cribbing as a gormless policeman who enters the Tardis machine on mistaking it for a real police box.

In colour, the film is even more lavish than its predecessor. One of its mechanical marvels is the incredible flying saucer which we picture above. It is 120 feet wide, and scenes involving it were filmed on the largest sound stage in Europe, which is at Shepperton Studios near London.

Earth two centuries hence has been bombarded by meteorites and subjected to cosmic rays. Responsible for this terrible destruction are those inhuman monsters, the Daleks, who have wiped out most of humanity. Luckily a handful of people have managed to elude them and are holding out as resistance fighters. It is they who protect the girls in Dr. Who's party when a Dalek flying saucer lands from outerspace. Dr. Who and the policeman, however, are captured and taken aboard the spaceship. It takes all the Doctor's ingenuity to get free—but this is only the beginning of a battle of wits before Dr. Who finally unravels the mystery of the Daleks' presence on earth and is able to turn the tables on them in an earth-shaking finale.

Above, right: Dr. Who (Peter Cushing) and Tom (Bernard Cribbins) are cornered by Daleks. Right: Tom and Louise (Jill Curzon) in a moment of relaxation.

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