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The cowboys of Space

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AN adult Dr. Who is the first description that comes to mind for the latest trans-atlantic product, "The Time Tunnel."

Though, on reflection, this is not quite correct. For although the programme is obviously aimed at an adult audience, it somehow isn't as exciting as the Doctor. Far from it, in fact.

A sure method of judging the effectiveness or Dr. Who in my own household has always been the number of nightmares after an episode. I doubt if "Time Tunnel" will produce any nightmares. It was far too tame.

It also doesn't seem to have the imaginative range of Dr. Who. Its two heroes, Dr. Newman and Dr. Phillips, are definitely less intellectual. Punch-ups are more their speciality, in the American cowboy tradition.

Last night, we had punch-ups on the Moon. In fact, Space Cowboys would he an apt title. And, while Dr. Who gets in his Space machine, our two American Space travellers, who become lost in time by wandering down the tunnel--hence the name—can only be switched to various periods of time by their colleagues on Earth when they get them on a TV monitor set.

At least Dr. Who drives himself and his own spaceship. Which is more than our cowboys arc capable of doing!

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