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Tree's a crowd

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HAVING cleansed Earth of flesh-eating wheelie bins and homicidal shop window dummies, Doctor Who whisked Rose away into outer space, five billion years in the future, to witness the end of the world (Saturday, BBC1).

The sun was about to gobble up our planet, watched from a safe distance by some of the most hideous-looking creatures I've seen outside of the Trisha studio. Aliens present included Jabe the Tree, above, who thoughtfully gave the Doctor a flowerpot containing a cutting of her grandfather.

Jabe - whose bark was worse than her bite began to grow on the Doctor. But any romance was nipped in the bud when she burnt down.

Guest of honour was the last "pure human" in the galaxy, Lady Cassandra, who consisted of two eyes and a mouth in a piece of tightly stretched skin.

I was thinking that she reminded me of someone, when she announced that she'd had 708 operations and boasted she didn't look a day over 2,000.

Yes, of course. Anne Robinson.

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