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If DOCTOR WHO has proved one thing in its life time It is the fact that it will not die, if anything it seems to be able to adapt to any new trend or medium. In this case I am referring to websites on the Internet (even the DWAS has a website) which has the refreshing difference of being created by fans for fans, with the right mixture of irreverence, manic devotion, unadulterated enjoyment, smut and not just dodgy pies of Nicola Bryant!

Listed below are some of the sites connected up by the Wholink webring, a series of linked websights which go together to make a much larger whole.

First from the Character Websites on Weblink

Coffee with Adric [US]

You read that right, this is a page about Adric. Yes, Adric

Companions' Home Page [US]

A page devoted to those unsung heroes of time and space; the screamers, the fallers, the unpredictable: the Companions, brought to you by the good people at the Elizabeth Sladen Information Network

Davros— Master of the Wheelchair [UK] Everyone's favorite wacky scientist has another page devoted to him! For a meglomaniacal freak-show, this guy's got a lot of fans

Ben Jackson Fan Page

The Doctor, Ben and Polly...on a routine, it's not 'Land of the Lost,' it's a page devoted to everyones favourite sailor, Ben Jackson

John Levene Fan Club [US] Publishers of Sergeant-at-Arms, the official Sgt Benton newsletter with material from John himself

Paul McGann Estrogen Brigade [US] You knew this was going to happen

The Steven Taylor Page

Astronaut from the future, companion to the First Doctor, and fashion maven Steven Taylor now has his own home page! Includes links to early Who resources on the web

Tegan's Worldwide Admirer's (TWA) [US] Not to be confused with the airline—she's the hostess with the mostest, and these folks will tell you why. Pictures, biographical information, links and more

Terisa's Doctor Who Webpage for the Totally Sick and Twisted

You guessed it from the title, a page devoted to the trials and tribulations suffered by the Seventh Doctor (largely thanks to Kate Orman)

The Unofficial Homepage for Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred Fanatics [US]

Earns the WhoLINK award for longest page title —as the name implies, Sylvester and Sophie items galore

Anneke Wills Fan UnLimited (aka AWFUL) [US]

She screamed a little, she made a lot of coffee...and here is her own page

And the Multmedia section

Dark Station RIM

JPG images from the new and old series, and more

Doctor Who Image Archive [US]

Steven W Hill has set up what is one of THE sites for Who images on the Web, including Doctors, Companions, Supporting Characters and more. (Note: A personal fave of mine JG)

The Doctor Who WAV archives [US]

A collection of WAV and MIDI Doctor Who sounds

Doug's Doctor Who Sounds Page [US] Recently resized due to disk quota problems, but still contains a variety of interesting sound files

Galaxy 4 Telesnaps [UK]

Several images from the lost story Galaxy 4

Longleat—The Photo Album [UK]

Scanned photos from the Longleat exhibition and a variety of conventions


Explore the interior of the TARDIS from the comfort of your VMRL equipped web browser. Lynx users need not apply

TARDIS Databanks [US]

Lots of Doctor Who related pictures, sound files and movies-very graphic intensive site

Transcendental Journies

A nice collection of movie files, screensavers, theme packs, a Virtual TARDIS (requires RealAudio and VRML 2.0), and more

The Umpteenth Doctor's Picture Gallery [US] Page

by Chance Chandler with a number of keen pictures and other fun stuff

WhoPhD [Australia]

The Australian arm of, a largely multi-media based site intended for individuals with high-speed access to that side of the transpacific link

The Internet is an interesting place to go and is a ceaseless fount of information, but a word of caution these sites by definition are very individual and cannot always be quite what you are looking for, also the download time can be somewhat frustrating combined sometimes finding yourself completely lost. Not that any of them are bad, it's just worth being choosy and checking what's available.

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