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chronological view
An interview with the current producer John Nathan-TurnerStarburst1988-01-01
Next On BBC1Electronics Today International (England)1988-01-01
The New Who!Fine Tuning (East Lansing)1988-01-01
The Five Doctors (Democrat and Chronicle)Democrat and Chronicle1988-01-03
Peter Davison: Unlikely HeroStarlog1988-01-05
The adventures of Dr Who took a new twistMiddlesex Chronicle1988-01-07
Author has mission for fans of TV's Dr WhoChatham News1988-01-08
Poetry or common sense?The Daily Telegraph1988-01-14
Money to be made in science fantasy is fact, not fictionThe Providence Journal1988-01-18
Pass The Popcorn: WCNY-TV Airs 48 Hours Of Fine Films This WeekendSyracuse Herald-Journal1988-01-21
Disabled Actor Takes Prejudice Claim to IBAThe Stage and Television Today1988-01-21
You'll Scare The KidsNews of the World1988-01-24
Who and WhyAirwaves1988-02-01
The Doctor gets a "rest"Fine Tuning (Milwaukee)1988-02-01
Mark Strickson: The Black Sheep of "Doctor Who"Starlog1988-02-02
Dr. Who fans will meet at Zark'sSanta Cruz Sentinel1988-02-04
Just what the doctor orderedThe Age1988-02-04
Actress Katy Manning at the Dr Who national convention in PerthTV Week (Australia)1988-02-06
Science Fiction SocietyAustin American-Statesman1988-02-18
In the shadow of the DoctorSouth East London Mercury1988-03-17
Dr. Who arrivesThe Courier-Journal1988-03-17
Will it be Dr Basil?The Sun1988-03-22
John Cleese als Dr. WhoDe Telegraaf1988-03-23
Exciting rideBournemouth Advertiser
Bridgewater Journal
Sounds a bit oddThe Daily Telegraph1988-03-26
Machine watchedThe Daily Telegraph1988-03-30
Is the next Dr. Who a student at Purdue?The Times of Northwest Indiana1988-03-30
What in the world is 'Doctor Who'?The Times of Northwest Indiana1988-03-30
I too was pleased to see the return of the good DoctorElectronics Today International (England)1988-04-01
Distressed Dr. Who fansFine Tuning (Milwaukee)1988-04-01
I am renewing my subscription to Channel 20Dial (Indianapolis)1988-04-01
Caroline Munro: Starting OverStarlog1988-04-05
Jon Pertwee: Daredevil Doctor, Gadgeteer WhoStarlog1988-04-05
Radio personality fascinated by TV science-fiction characterCentre Daily Times1988-04-07
Auction lures science fiction buffsOshkosh Northwestern1988-04-10
Doctor! It's The Daleks AgainThe Sun1988-04-12
Dr Who again battles with the DaleksHull Daily Mail1988-04-12
KUED changes schedule of sci-fi hit 'Doctor Who'The Daily Utah Chronicle1988-04-13
BBC saves the Daleks from exterminationThe Daily Telegraph1988-04-13
Dr Who's birthday battle with old foeHammersmith & Shepherds Bush Gazette1988-04-15
Dr. Who' fans are loyalThe Daily Utah Chronicle1988-04-20
My primeval monsters even turn up their snouts at the DaleksThe Herald1988-04-20
Protest removal of WCETDayton Daily News1988-04-24
Comics & Comix, Inc.The Sacramento Bee1988-04-28
Video review (1988-04-28)Bournemouth Advertiser1988-04-28
More Spoons Less ScreamsElectronics Today International (England)1988-05-01
Who on the netBlockbusters1988-05-15
The Lowdown on... Robert HolmesBlockbusters1988-05-15
My Guilty Secret ...Blockbusters1988-05-15
New media, old DoctorBlockbusters1988-05-15
Doctor Who is the greatest SF TV series ever!Blockbusters1988-05-15
The Lost Colony TardisThe Lexington Dispatch1988-05-18
Dixie Trek '88 is no alien to the DeKalb County galaxyThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution1988-05-19
Who's Who? (Capital Gay)Capital Gay1988-05-20
Who's this on the way?Liverpool Echo1988-05-24
Hamlet on wheelsNews of the World1988-05-29
Stars on SundayElectronics Today International (England)1988-06-01
Doctor Who Fans, Mark Your Calendars!Program Guide (South Dakota)1988-06-01
Colin Baker: The Doctor is OutStarlog1988-06-02
Success on the cards for young JoanneLichfield Mercury1988-06-10
Dr Who Fan ClubThe Sydney Morning Herald1988-06-10
This week's Top 40The Sun1988-06-13
Fans still say Who is bestSandwell Evening Mail1988-06-13
Terror of the DaleksBournemouth Evening Echo1988-06-14
Doctor Who: Is There A Doctor In The House?Fine Tuning1988-06-18
10 Out Of This World Things About Doctor Who's TardisThe Sun1988-06-20
Royal Ban On Dr WhoThe Sun1988-06-29
Here We Go AgainElectronics Today International (England)1988-07-01
Doctor Who followers transported to St. PaulSt. Paul Pioneer Press1988-07-02
Doctor Who fans land in wrong seasonAssociated Press
Argus Leader
Doctor Who fans travel in time to festival in St. PaulSt. Cloud Times
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Butchering the DoctorStarlog1988-07-05
Dr Who Gets Lost In TimeThe Mirror1988-07-06
Space, the final frontier...The Daily Pennsylvanian1988-07-21
Reviving few golden oldiesThe Daily Telegraph1988-07-27
Companions of Dr. WhoThe Miami Herald1988-07-28
Who doctors our science fiction club?The Republic1988-07-29
Tardiscon '88Nine (St. Louis)1988-08-01
Who Is He This Time?Starlog1988-08-02
Meet The Dr. Who Fan ClubChico News & Review1988-08-11
SCETV will show a series of classic, sci-fi Dr. Who flicks from way, way backThe State1988-08-19
Simeon knows who's Who ...Cambridge Evening News1988-08-23
Companion in Punk LeatherStarlog1988-09-01
Jean Marsh: Belle of the BadStarlog1988-09-01
Sorry, But the Doctor Must LeaveProgram Guide (South Dakota)1988-09-01
Doctorin' the TardisThe Canberra Times1988-09-08
Fans of the British sci-fi series, 'Dr Who', have bombarded this newspaper recently with pleas for helpThe Age1988-09-15
Where no girl has gone beforeBest1988-09-16
New underground ticket machinesLondon Evening Standard1988-09-16
Dr. Who reruns 'Best'The Herald (Ireland)1988-09-17
Science fiction fan club dedicated to Dr. WhoThe York Dispatch1988-09-29
Dr. Who turns up on dance floorChicago Tribune1988-09-30
Daleks Have Knees TooThe Daily Telegraph1988-09-30
Dr strikes silverDerby Evening Telegraph1988-10-01
Unexterminated!Radio Times1988-10-01
When Is Who?Oregon Focus1988-10-01
Top 20 facts on the good doctorHull Daily Mail1988-10-04
Look Who is here!The Mirror1988-10-05
A Time Lord with jet lagHull Daily Mail1988-10-05
Lolita takes on the DaleksDaily Star1988-10-05
Sophie, you're an AceToday1988-10-05
Changing ChannelsThe Listener1988-10-06
Monsters miss outThe Sun1988-10-06
Sorry Doc, you're not the real McCoyDaily Express1988-10-06
He will not be exterminatedSandwell Evening Mail1988-10-06
Bin those Daleks!The Sun1988-10-12
It's Doctor Dud!Daily Star1988-10-12
Have Tardis, will travelLiverpool Echo1988-10-12
The Wishing Well AppealLondon Evening Standard1988-10-13
Dr Who actor battered to death by guestThe Daily Telegraph1988-10-13
Destination America for the DoctorReading Evening Post
Birmingham Daily News
Group treks through stars in TardisDaily Kent Stater1988-10-18
Grade & the Time LordsThe Listener1988-10-20
Doctor Who fans get cooking SaturdayThe Sun-Herald1988-10-21
Who's back, but no TrekRadio Times1988-10-22
Time to exterminate the DoctorThe Herald (Ireland)1988-10-25
Lost in SpaceThe Listener1988-10-27
Meet the real McCoy at HudsonsBirmingham Mail1988-10-27
Dr Who and Spock have 'em hookedThe Sydney Morning Herald1988-10-27
Who's in townSandwell Evening Mail1988-10-29
On the trail of Doctor WhoRadio Times1988-10-29
What next?Radio Times1988-10-29
The Time Lord is in troubleThe Sydney Morning Herald1988-10-31
Return With Us Now To Another MilleniaIn the Public Eye (North Dakota)1988-11-01
Who's CelebratingStarlog1988-11-01
Fill-it-up, EarthlingLondon Evening Standard1988-11-02
Time Is Up, DocThe Sun1988-11-03
Grade & the Time Lords 2The Listener1988-11-03
Doctor's prescription for long lifeLiverpool Echo1988-11-05
Dr. Who fans should look for The Timelords' new 12-inchThe Southtown Star1988-11-06
Axed Dr Who star breaks his silenceSandwell Evening Mail1988-11-09
Lost in spaceThe Listener1988-11-10
Ferreting out the culpritsThe Age1988-11-10
Daleks rise to the occasionRadio Times1988-11-12
Bertie Bassett Takes On Doctor WhoNews of the World1988-11-13
Dr Who's big secretBirmingham Mail1988-11-14
Happy birthday to Who (The Canberra Times)The Canberra Times1988-11-14
Jubilee spree for Doctor WhoThe Guardian1988-11-16
Earthlings welcome menacing Time LordThe Independent1988-11-16
Time Travel Is A Piece Of CakeThe Sun1988-11-16
Surprise for Dr. WhoThe Newcastle Journal1988-11-16
Who's Who no matter whatThe Stage and Television Today1988-11-17
Come Celebrate 25 years on the BBC!The Daily Tar Heel1988-11-18
Sylvester's spooky experienceBirmingham Daily News1988-11-18
Dr. Who fans celebratingDaily Record1988-11-18
Who's with Doctor WhoRadio Times1988-11-19
Who's Who? And When?Bella1988-11-19
My kind of dayRadio Times1988-11-19
Sophie's Tardis trickThe Sydney Morning Herald1988-11-20
Daleks cease hostilities Dr Who turns 25The Herald1988-11-21
25th Anniversary SpecialDaily Express1988-11-22
A birthday bonanza for the DocThe Burton Mail1988-11-23
Who would have thoughtLiverpool Echo1988-11-23
Real Ghost of 'Doctor' McCoyThe Post1988-11-23
Happy birthday, dear Doctor!Bournemouth Evening Echo1988-11-23
Happy Birthday Doc!Daily Star1988-11-23
Sophie Aldred and Sylvester McCoy, not about to overcome the CybermenThe Daily Telegraph1988-11-23
On his 25th birthday, Doctor Who duly encounters his Silver NemesisThe Independent1988-11-23
McWho's Really CoyToday1988-11-23
Inside the Time Lord industryThe Independent1988-11-23
Sylvester the sci-fi hero strikes silverThe Newcastle Journal1988-11-23
Silver jubileeThe Scotsman1988-11-23
I am baffled by the continuing success of Dr WhoThe Daily Telegraph1988-11-24
Lost in space 2The Listener1988-11-24
Ageing daleksNew Statesman1988-11-25
Doctor Who's winter sunshine!Radio Times1988-11-26
Dr Who: now to be on filmSunderland Echo1988-11-26
This Doctor isn't the real McCoyDaily Express1988-11-26
Time to call time on the Time LordSunday Life1988-11-27
Twaddle's Out Of This WorldNews of the World1988-11-27
Murdered by the magic of Dr WhoThe Mail on Sunday1988-11-27
The Doctor in quintuplicateThe Canberra Times1988-11-28
Letters to The GuideThe Canberra Times1988-11-28
25 years of Doctor WhoPhotoplay1988-12-01
WhoplaIn the Public Eye (North Dakota)1988-12-01
Who's Who? (The Listener)The Listener1988-12-01
Bring Back My BonnieElectronics Today International (England)1988-12-01
Chris Clough - Who's Anniversary DirectorStarburst1988-12-01
The screen stars with inhuman appealThe Stage and Television Today1988-12-01
Doctor Who joins 34 for pledge nightSouth Bend Tribune1988-12-08
There's no Who like an old WhoOttawa Citizen1988-12-11
Who's a clown?The Mirror1988-12-14
Look Who It Is!The Sun1988-12-15
Still putting on the kitschThe Stage and Television Today1988-12-15
Dr Who to visit BangThe Pink Paper1988-12-22
Who's Who? (1988)The Sun1988-12-24
Whovians have landedWinnipeg Free Press1988-12-27
Dr Who on star-trek for sci-fi scholarsThe Daily Telegraph1988-12-31
The dole for broke Dr WhoThe Sun1988-12-31

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