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Who's Who? And When?

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  • Publication: Bella
  • Date: 1988-11-19
  • Author: Dick Maino
  • Page:
  • Language: English

Twenty-five years have passed since the weird electronic theme music made us sit up and watch the first episode of Dr Who, the kids' show that turned into an adult cult.

Current Dr Who Sylvester McCoy is the seventh to boldly go down some BBC corridor covered in Baco-foil where no other Tardis driver has ever been before ...

The short, goofy Scot trained for the priesthood, but a superior at the seminary told him his real vocation lay in comedy, so he quit, worked up his own ferret-down-the-trouser club act and found himself bound for stardom!

No. 1, William Hartnell (1963-1966), put the show on the road to stardom. Letters addressed to Dr Who, London, still got through to him, even though he died in 1975!

No. 2, Patrick Troughton (1966-1969), was a Beatle-mopped clown. He died after a heart attack at a US Dr Who convention in 1987.

No 3, Jon Pertwee, Whoed until 1974. Now-he's Worzel Gummidge and the voice of Spottyman in Superted!

No. 4 was Tom Baker who starred from 1974-1981. He fell in love and married Lalla Ward who played his assistant, Romana, but they divorced after 16 months.

No. 5, Peter Davison, didn't look, or act, much differently from his role as quiet vet Tristran in All Creatures Great And Small. He only lasted two years and quit in 1984.

No. 6, Colin Baker, dressed like a ring-master, and starred at a time when then-Beeb boss Michael Grade threatened to axe the show in 1986. But protests from fans brought it back with zippy Sylvester bringing a breath of fresh air . . .

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