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chronological view
The Dr. Who series is terribly expensiveWest Michigan Magazine1983-01-01
$127,802 Pledged in TV-44 DriveThe Times-Tribune1983-01-02
Expanded show spells headaches for WVIAThe Times-Leader1983-01-13
Test your knowledge of 'Dr. Who' triviaDaily Herald1983-01-13
Birthday surprise for the doctorThe Daily Telegraph (Australia)1983-01-20
Speaking of WSREPensacola News Journal1983-01-25
Guess Who's coming backRadio Times1983-01-29
By Gummidge ... It's Worzel!Eagle1983-01-29
Who's the doctor?Enterprise-Journal1983-01-30
Doctor Who? Spaced-out sci-fi fans beam down for festivalSun-Sentinel1983-02-05
Spotlight on Doctor Who at science fiction festivalAssociated Press
The Tampa Tribune
Doctor Who is real far outTallahassee Democrat1983-02-06
More than 300 attend sci-fi festivalGalveston Daily News1983-02-07
Dr Who's snubThe Mirror1983-02-17
Who mania raging onThe Age1983-02-17
Lord Bath signs up a Time LordAriel1983-02-22
Peter GlazeThe Daily Telegraph1983-02-22
Dr. Who, the hero of television's longest-running science fiction seriesThe Times of Northwest Indiana1983-02-24
Local fans to throw 'Con'Wilmington Star-News1983-02-27
What Is This Thing Called Who?Airwaves1983-03-01
Dr Who AdventureComputer & Video Games1983-03-01
Once Upon A Time (Patterns)Patterns1983-03-01
Doctor Who Pre-emptions? ...Patterns1983-03-01
The lady's a pretty good pirateThe Mirror1983-03-01
Dr. Who Fan Club ...Patterns1983-03-01
Show helps answer the question: Who is 'Doctor Who?'The Tampa Tribune1983-03-05
Doctor Boyd! Doctor Who?Eagle1983-03-05
Dr. Who fans must wait for outcome of favorite Time LordSouthtown Economist1983-03-06
More Dr. Who and actors return for a new specialThe Stage and Television Today1983-03-10
Dr. Who will live again on Channel 12The Philadelphia Inquirer1983-03-11
Dr. Who brings a new dimension to spaceThe Gainesville Sun1983-03-11
I love television when it's spelled PBSThe Independent Florida Alligator1983-03-11
WFSU-TV offers fan clubs for kidsTallahassee Democrat1983-03-12
Verity's top secretDaily Express1983-03-15
TV & radio insightCorpus Christi Caller Times1983-03-16
Who's Who of doctors on paradeLondon Evening Standard1983-03-17
Dr. Who to the rescueDemocrat and Chronicle1983-03-18
Win a who's who guide to the mysterious Doctor WhoLiverpool Echo1983-03-26
Dr. Who ... a Rocky Horror banquet, tooTinley Park Star Herald
The Southtown Star
Peter Davison talks about life as the new Dr. WhoRanger1983-03-31
Who is this fellow with the wild, bushy hairProgram Guide (Wisconsin)1983-04-01
Who Is Out of This WorldFine Tuning (Milwaukee)1983-04-01
When growing old is just what Dr Who orderedThe Daily Telegraph1983-04-02
Imported sci-fi satire series starts todayGreen Bay Press-Gazette1983-04-02
Doctor Who, galactic anti-hero, lives onThe Observer1983-04-03
What a queue to see Dr WhoDaily Star1983-04-04
Dr. Who Jamboree Attracts 40,000 FansVariety1983-04-06
What a hopeless Who doDaily Mail1983-04-08
Twenty Years of a Time Lord!Eagle1983-04-09
Who Knows Who Best?The Sun1983-04-09
New 'Who' to begin in JuneEnterprise-Journal1983-04-10
And the ABC asks: Dr Who?The Daily Telegraph (Australia)1983-04-12
Stately ShamblesThe Mirror1983-04-18
Who's to save the universe? The Doctor, proclaim sci-fi fansChicago Sun-Times1983-04-22
Dr Who displayDerby Evening Telegraph1983-04-25
Janet jumped to itThe Newcastle Journal1983-04-28
U.S. "Doctor Who" Fans Travel to EnglandFacts Figures & Film1983-05-01
Peter Davison as Doctor WhoScene 2 and 171983-05-01
Hey, what's all the fuss? It's 'Who,' that's what!This Week1983-05-04
Fifth incarnation of BBC's 'Dr. Who' enthralls viewers on both sides of oceanMilwaukee Journal Sentinel1983-05-06
Fans who are in the know crowd store to see 'Doctor'Daily Herald1983-05-06
Dr Who at the libraryDerby Evening Telegraph1983-05-10
Dr Who's Triple TricksterTV Scene1983-05-14
Who's Who? (Eagle)Eagle1983-05-28
I've been watching the newest Dr. Who series on Channel 2The Palm Beach Post1983-05-29
Tegan Calls a Truce with the DaleksThe Daily Telegraph (Australia)1983-05-30
Dr. Who Club ChristenedPatterns1983-06-01
A Big (W)hoorayFine Tuning (Milwaukee)1983-06-01
Dr. Who's sexy tonicDaily Star1983-06-03
This little girl gets younger every playDaily Post1983-06-03
Action LineThe Journal Herald1983-06-06
Dr. Who Fan ClubOcala Star-Banner1983-06-10
Plea for new 'Dr Who'The Canberra Times1983-06-12
Dr. Who festivalThe Tampa Tribune1983-06-13
The good fight for Dr. WhoNewsday1983-06-16
Hi kids! Collect space heroesThe Sunday Mirror1983-06-19
Who festivitiesBroadcasting & Cable1983-06-20
Good news, "Dr. Who" fans. The doctor is coming backThe Philadelphia Inquirer1983-06-21
Dr Who's girl to leaveThe Mirror1983-06-22
New Dr. Who premieresThe Magee Courier1983-06-23
Thirty U.S. stations to mark Dr Who's twentieth birthdayThe Stage and Television Today1983-06-23
New 'Dr. Who' segments to begin on ETVEnterprise-Journal1983-06-23
TV's Mrs Poo dies at 77The Mirror1983-06-24
Hooked on the DoctorFine Tuning (Milwaukee)1983-07-01
7,000,000 to Sing "Happy Birthday" to "Doctor Who"Facts Figures & Film1983-07-01
Producing the goodsSight & Sound1983-07-01
And talking of heroes there's a new girl for the kids' favouriteDaily Record1983-07-06
When the series started I was a crawling around in my nappiesDaily Mail1983-07-06
It's time traveller Peri - that's WhoDaily Post1983-07-06
Hiccup delays Worzel GummidgeLiverpool Echo1983-07-07
England's 'Dr. Who' comes down to EarthUSA Today1983-07-07
Are you a fan of Dr. Who?Tallahassee Democrat1983-07-08
Happy Birthday to Who?TV Guide1983-07-09
Doctor Who lands in North CarolinaWilmington Star-News1983-07-10
Dr. Who's on firstThe Tampa Tribune1983-07-11
Dr Who actress wins libel damagesLondon Evening Standard1983-07-13
Lalla wins case over bogus sex photosBelfast Telegraph1983-07-14
Dr Who's girl was turned into a phoney nudeDaily Mail1983-07-14
Dr Who actress wins case over nude picturesThe Newcastle Journal1983-07-14
Cult of fans knows that the Doctor is inThe Tampa Tribune1983-07-15
US fame surprises 'Dr. Who' starMilwaukee Journal Sentinel1983-07-15
Doctor Who? There's no question he's a cult heroEvening Journal1983-07-18
Dr Who at country dayLynn News & Advertiser1983-07-19
The first American "Doctor Who" Festival TourThe Philadelphia Inquirer1983-07-19
Former 'Dr. Who' star wonders 'why all the fuss?'Courier-Post1983-07-20
Doctor Who CelebrationStarburst1983-07-22
Who's egocentric, witty, humane, enigmatic? The Doctor ... Who!The Star (Tinley Park, IL)1983-07-24
Meet Tom Baker, the Doctor Who is in with the fansChicago Tribune1983-07-26
Dr Who in early landingLondon Evening Standard1983-07-28
Actor set to quit role as Dr. WhoBelfast Telegraph1983-07-28
Time's up for the Doctor ..Daily Record1983-07-29
Dr Who is running out of timeDaily Express1983-07-29
Fifth Dr Who is ready to quitThe Press and Journal1983-07-29
Dr. Who wins top PBS awardDaily World1983-07-29
Daphne HeardVariety1983-07-29
Time Runs Out for the DoctorDaily Mail1983-07-29
Dishy Dr Peter Says Ta-Ta to Tardis!The Sun1983-07-29
Peter bows out and a woman may take overDaily Star1983-07-29
Search on for a new Dr WhoDaily Post1983-07-29
Peter to quit now--BBC hunt for lady DoctorDaily Express1983-07-29
Dr Who actor to quit seriesThe Times1983-07-29
An Avid FanAirwaves1983-08-01
More on WhoFine Tuning (Milwaukee)1983-08-01
Who's Who? Brian's Doctor No. 6Daily Express1983-08-01
The Authorized Dr. Who 20th Anniversary CelebrationIllinois Entertainer1983-08-01
Infallible Time LordDial (Salt Lake City)1983-08-01
Bad TimingScene 2 and 171983-08-01
Murdered Star Booked to Join Dr WhoThe Sun1983-08-03
Whose Birthday? Who's!Starlog1983-08-04
So who's for Miss Who?Daily Express1983-08-04
On the AirChicago Heights Star1983-08-07
Who HereChicago Sun-Times1983-08-08
Traveler of space, Doctor Who to visit hereDaily Herald1983-08-13
Daleks and CybermenThe Sunday Mirror1983-08-14
The TARDIS principle: don't let time pass you byThe Sydney Morning Herald1983-08-15
Brian Blessed-- that's WhoThe Sydney Morning Herald1983-08-15
TV TodayMilwaukee Journal Sentinel1983-08-18
Sci-fi fans guess 'Who' at confabChicago Sun-Times1983-08-19
A Convention for Dr. Who FansPhiladelphia Daily News1983-08-19
Baddie Colin in the new you-know-WhoThe Mirror1983-08-20
Support 'Doctor Who'Tallahassee Democrat1983-08-20
Colin's time for Dr WhoThe Mirror1983-08-20
Colin's the new Dr WhoDaily Star1983-08-20
Now Colin Clocks on as Dr WhoThe Sun1983-08-20
Villain from 'Brothers' is new Dr. WhoThe Daily Telegraph1983-08-20
Who's Who (Bournemouth Evening Echo)Bournemouth Evening Echo1983-08-20
New Dr WhoThe Times1983-08-20
Hot August Nights are perfect for watching WFSU-TVTallahassee Democrat1983-08-20
Baddie Colin makes good as the new Dr. WhoDaily Express1983-08-20
TV villain the new Doctor WhoDaily Post1983-08-20
Who-Manoids Flip Over Their TV HeroThe Philadelphia Inquirer
The Panama City News Herald
The Times-Leader
Stateside Whovians are gathering in summerSouth Bend Tribune1983-08-21
WPSX-TV will offer a new alternative for late-night television viewersWPSX-TV Guide1983-08-23
Who Comes To KUED?Dial (Salt Lake City)1983-09-01
Who is "Doctor Who"?Q2.31983-09-01
Dr. Who's ClubStarlog1983-09-06
Dr Who heads BBC home video driveThe Times1983-09-09
Davison leaves "Doctor Who"Movie & Film Collectors World1983-09-09
Doctor Who's many patients get nightly dose of comic adventureThe Spokesman-Review1983-09-11
Guess who's after The Doctor againLondon Evening Standard1983-09-12
Dr. Who, BBC Series, Makes WPSX DebutCentre Daily Times1983-09-14
BBC release drama, LE on cassetteThe Stage and Television Today1983-09-15
The what and where of 'Dr. Who'Chicago Sun-Times1983-09-15
Wit and charm and 'Dr. Who'The Post-Crescent1983-09-23
CPTV Competing for More ViewersThe New York Times1983-09-25
New shows bolster PBS TV seasonCentral Michigan Life1983-09-26
Fan of the DayWPSX-TV Guide1983-09-27
National Film Theatre October/November 1983National Film Theatre1983-10-01
Dr. Who Fan Looking For Fellow Time-Lords To Swell Club's RanksThe Wichita Eagle1983-10-04
After Davison's Doctor—Who's Next?Starlog1983-10-06
Software for your MicroThe Listener1983-10-06
Third Doctor Hits American ScreensStarlog1983-10-06
Doctor Who's on first for his avid TV fan clubOttawa Citizen1983-10-11
Dr. Who, High-Camp Sci-Fi, Lands at CPTVHartford Courant1983-10-13
You ought to see the DoctorRadio Times
TV Times
The BBC Time Lord's Out-Of-This-World AdventuresThe Washington Post1983-10-16
Public TV audience broadCentral Michigan Life1983-10-24
Many faces Dr WhoThe Sun (Sydney, NSW)1983-10-24
Couple Invite Sci-Fi Fans to Phone Their HomeLos Angeles Times1983-10-24
Dr. Who? When?WPSX-TV Guide1983-10-25
This Month on Channel 3WPSX-TV Guide1983-10-25
Kenny's falsies up for sale ...Edinburgh Evening News1983-10-27
Who's profitsFinancial Times1983-10-28
Dr Who invites you to his partyLondon Evening Standard1983-10-28
Paint along with PatrickTV Times1983-10-29
The Devil and dishy DebbieNews of the World1983-10-30
Children upset by OETA actionThe Oklahoman1983-10-31
Who's birthday?? Who's!! That's right!!Prime Time (WGBY)1983-11-01
Happy Birthday to Doctor WhoDial (Salt Lake City)1983-11-01
A who's who of Doctor WhoIllinois Entertainer1983-11-01
The Doctor Is In (1983)South Carolina Scene1983-11-01
What Has Happened to "Who"?Fine Tuning (Milwaukee)1983-11-01
Happy Birthday to Who!Kannapolis Daily Independent1983-11-02
Chicago to stage Dr Who conventionTelevision Weekly1983-11-04
Dr Who 20th Party Revels in ChicagoBroadcast1983-11-04
Happy Birthday, Doctor!!!Eagle1983-11-05
The Doctor is an ActorStarlog1983-11-08
Special salute set for 'Dr. Who's anniversaryAssociated Press
Burlington Times-News
The New Mexican
Syracuse Herald-Journal
The Canberra Times
Nashua Telegraph
The Schenectady Gazette
Reading Eagle
The Spokesman-Review
The Gettysburg Times
The Day (New London CT)
The Miami Herald
Hartford Courant
Tallahassee Democrat
Statesman Journal
Daily Herald
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
The Yuma Daily Sun
Playground Daily News
Desert Sun
Dr Who in ChicagoScreen International1983-11-12
Time traveller clocks up 20 yearsThe Times1983-11-14
20 years vanish as five Dr Whos link upThe Herald1983-11-15
Fans of WhoChicago Reader1983-11-18
It's Dr. Who Day ...The Wichita Eagle1983-11-18
Who's that? (The News and Observer)The News & Observer1983-11-18
Dr. Who anniversary is tonight on state ETVThe Sun (Biloxi, MS)1983-11-19
Children in NeedRadio Times1983-11-19
Finding a little girl lostDaily Mail1983-11-19
Who's Who's WhoRadio Times1983-11-19
Two decades of Dr. WhoBelfast Telegraph1983-11-19
The Five Doctors (Sunday Telegraph)The Sunday Telegraph (England)1983-11-20
Strange travelsGreen Bay Press-Gazette1983-11-20
Who Dat on Ch. 12?The New Orleans Times-Picayune1983-11-20
And more ...The News & Observer1983-11-20
Out of this world (Sunday Express)Sunday Express1983-11-20
Dr. Who To Celebrate 20th BirthdayCentre Daily Times1983-11-21
Doctor Who special to airFond du Lac Reporter1983-11-22
Thanks for "Dr. Who"WPSX-TV Guide1983-11-22
Doctors Who reunite in Dead Zone to honor 20th yearThe Daily Tar Heel1983-11-22
British science fiction's 'Dr. Who' is subject of ETV specialThe Index-Journal1983-11-23
Time Lord Marches OnThe Sun (Sydney, NSW)1983-11-23
Dr. Who special will fete 20thMadison Capital Times1983-11-23
The Doctors Who Together for a SpecialThe Philadelphia Inquirer1983-11-23
Out of this world (Daily Record)Daily Record1983-11-23
Will 7 Million Fans Sing 'Happy Birthday, 'Dr. Who'?The Wichita Eagle1983-11-23
Tom Baker bows out of "Dr. Who" series after seven years to move onward and upwardHappenings Magazine1983-11-24
20 years of Drs WhoThe Age1983-11-24
The Doctor's Famous FiveDaily Record1983-11-25
The Dr Who rogues galleryDaily Star1983-11-25
No routine Who this oneDaily Mail1983-11-25
The Five Doctors (Daily Star)Daily Star1983-11-25
The facts you should know about Dr WhoDaily Express1983-11-25
The Five DoctorsThe Daily Telegraph1983-11-25
A special adventure to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the world's longest-running science fiction seriesThe Sun1983-11-25
The Five Doctors (The Guardian)The Guardian1983-11-25
Who goes missingThe Mirror1983-11-25
The Five Doctors (The Times)The Times1983-11-25
20th anniversary of a magical old strangerThe Courier & Advertiser1983-11-25
The Tardis QuintetEagle1983-11-26
How would you like to spend a day with Doctor Who?Radio Times1983-11-26
Dr Who escapes again for a birthday reunionThe Sydney Morning Herald1983-11-28
Pertwee Episodes RequestedPatterns1983-12-01
Doctor Who (New Jersey Network Magazine)New Jersey Network Magazine1983-12-01
Long Live WhoFine Tuning (Milwaukee)1983-12-01
Lionheart Sales Boom For BBC-TV's "Doctor Who"Facts Figures & Film1983-12-01
Earthlings meet the CybermanEdinburgh Evening News1983-12-05
Taking the Mystery Out of Doctor Who???The Heights1983-12-05
Doctor Who 20th Anniversary SpecialStarlog1983-12-06
Doctor Who Records!Starlog1983-12-06
Many ThanksStarlog1983-12-06
The Doctor's Prescription: A New Who!Starlog1983-12-06
Who is the DoctorThe Listener1983-12-08
Exploring the WhoniverseThe Age1983-12-08
There's no privacy if you're Dr. Who's girlSunday Express1983-12-11
Calling all Dr. Who fans!Chicago Tribune1983-12-11
Who's 20The Sun (Sydney, NSW)1983-12-12
Eccentric, irritable Dr Who a timeless heroThe Canberra Times1983-12-12
Doctors Who too much of a good thingThe Age1983-12-14
Making up is hard to doThe Newcastle Journal1983-12-16
New BBC outlet on US cableScreen International1983-12-17
Dr Who'd-Have-Thought-ItThe Sydney Morning Herald1983-12-18
Dr Who's leading lady finds a new role in lifeThe Daily Telegraph (Australia)1983-12-19
Whoovian HighlightsWPSX-TV Guide1983-12-20
Exciting new software for your microThe Listener1983-12-22
One Man Offers His Personal Top 10 of the YearCentre Daily Times1983-12-31

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