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There's lots of stuff in tonight's Doctor WhoDaily Star2021-01-01
Look Who's back for one big blastThe Mirror2021-01-01
Evil shakers!Daily Star2021-01-01
Who's Dalek returnDaily Star2021-01-01
Rejohnerate!The Sun2021-01-02
John Bishop ... Doctor ordered my dream roleDaily Express2021-01-02
Jenna's a glamorous predator... but is she scarier than Daleks at No 10?Daily Mail2021-01-02
Who'll never walk aloneThe Mirror2021-01-02
Comic John joins Jodie for TARDIS adventuresDaily Star2021-01-02
Revolution of the Daleks marked the return of the "most evil killing machine in the universe"The Sunday Times2021-01-03
Who Is Next In Tardis, Jodie?Daily Star2021-01-04
Jodie to Quit as Dr WhoThe Sun2021-01-04
Jodie Quittaker ... Doctor Who star says it is time to leave the TardisDaily Express2021-01-04
Doctor throughDaily Record2021-01-04
The planets must be in alignmentThe Sun2021-01-05
Jodie's off... so Who will replace her?Daily Mail2021-01-05
Just what Holby doc ordered: Jo as WhoThe Mirror2021-01-05
Who's Next? (Metro)Metro (England)2021-01-05
Tucker's LuckBest of British2021-01-10
Downing St DangersRadio Times2021-01-16
Doctor Who clothes deal for firm with Yentob linksDaily Mail2021-01-26
Adelantadas a su tiempo y sin reconocimientoLa Verdad2021-02-05
What a Year It's BeenRadio Times2021-02-06
Line of data: TV crunches the numbersThe Sunday Times2021-05-09
Heroines of electronicaFinancial Times2021-05-15
Delia Who?Radio Times2021-05-15
Honoring 'The Doctor'Alexandria Daily Town Talk2021-06-09
Get with the (TV) programmeTimes Educational Supplement2021-06-18
Plunge Right InThe Times2021-06-20
Who is 1st gay Doctor? ... Olly!The Sun2021-06-27
Jackie LaneThe Times2021-06-28
Damaris HaymanThe Times2021-07-05
Exterminate this dismal Doctor WhoThe Sunday Times2021-08-01
A Life in the Day: Jodie WhittakerThe Sunday Times2021-09-05
She's not saying goodbye yetTV Guide2021-09-13
It was a total blastRadio Times2021-09-18
John ChallisThe Times2021-09-20
Tony SelbyThe Times2021-09-21
Getting the Job was a GodsendRadio Times2021-10-30
Space ForceTV & Satellite Week2021-10-30
Time's up for JodieDaily Record2021-10-30
I cried my eyes out!TV Times2021-10-30
Casting Jodie Whittaker as the first female Doctor was a groundbreaking and largely successful moveThe Guardian2021-10-30
Looking for something scary for Halloween?TV Times2021-10-30
Outgoing star Jodie Whittaker has had a bumpy old time of it in the Tardis these past few yearsRadio Times2021-10-30
Have your say -- who is the best of the new Doctors?The Sunday Times2021-10-31
Look Who's Back (SFX)SFX2021-11-01
Half-Time LordThe Mirror2021-11-05
The Sontarans are backTV Times2021-11-06
We now know what the "flux" isRadio Times2021-11-06
Fantasy figureTV & Satellite Week2021-11-06
It is Jodie Whittaker's last time in charge of the TardisThe Sunday Times2021-11-07
Clifford RoseThe Times2021-11-11
So breathless and bombastic were episodes one and twoRadio Times2021-11-13
Risky businessTV & Satellite Week2021-11-13
The terrifying Cybermen are backTV Times2021-11-13
Who's still a mystery to meRadio Times2021-11-13
The latest Doctor Who shows lost their wayDaily Star2021-11-16
What kind of audience is Doctor Who hoping to attract these days?Radio Times2021-11-20
Henry WoolfThe Times2021-11-24
Past, presents and futureRadio Times2021-11-27
Tears of terrorTV & Satellite Week2021-11-27
Karvanista makes an appearanceTV Times2021-11-27
Creating a MonsterRadio Times2021-12-04
At least the monsters can be relied upon to provide a distractionRadio Times2021-12-04
How will the Doctor save the universe?TV Times2021-12-04
Streaming nowRadio Times2021-12-18

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