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chronological view
They've survived the FluxTV Times2022-01-01
Not even on 31 in December do the Daleks put plans to enslave the universe to one sideRadio Times2022-01-01
Who Goes There? (2022)Radio Times2022-01-01
New Year, New FearTV & Satellite Week2022-01-01
Walter Scott Asks ... David TennantParade (US)2022-01-02
A Life in the DayThe Sunday Times2022-02-06
Beryl VertueThe Times2022-02-16
She changed television for everRadio Times2022-02-26
Who's Next? (Yours Retro)Yours Retro2022-03-01
Hugh's WhoThe Sunday Mirror2022-03-20
Jenny - Still Running: The Doctor's Daughter, Series 2Audiofile2022-04-01
June BrownThe Times2022-04-05
Jodie's Doctor to come clean about crush on female chumDaily Mail2022-04-12
It has been 38 years since the Doctor last encountered the amphibious Sea DevilsRadio Times2022-04-16
Treasure and terrorTV & Satellite Week2022-04-16
Speak of the Devils!TV Times2022-04-16
Prepare to have your swashes buckled and your timbers shiveredTV Times2022-04-16
A Swashbuckling SwansongRadio Times2022-04-16
Who's Who of Doctor WhoThe Mirror2022-04-18
Who goes there? (Leicester Mercury)Leicester Mercury2022-04-23
New Doctor revealedLeicester Mercury2022-05-09
Sexterminate! (2022)The Sun2022-05-09
Doctor woo-hoo... Ncuti ecstatic to be 14th Time LordDaily Express2022-05-09
Doctor New (2022)Daily Star2022-05-09
Time to change history (again) ... it's the new face of Dr WhoDaily Mail2022-05-09
Ncuti's time travel..from Rwanda to Scotland to the TardisThe Mirror2022-05-09
How I survived 50 years in showbusinessThe Sunday Times2022-06-26
An African Dr WhoNew African2022-07-01
Newman's WeekThe Sunday Times2022-07-23
The double life of Doctor WhoYours Retro2022-09-22
If woke is an insult that's quite dangerousThe Sunday Times2022-10-02
Dynamic presenceTime2022-10-10
Jodie Whittaker's Best EpisodesRadio Times2022-10-15
A distress call from an intergalactic bullet trainTV Times2022-10-22
The Doctor's Out!TV & Satellite Week2022-10-22
Time Out!TV Times2022-10-22
The Time of My Life...Radio Times2022-10-22
Classic Doctor WhoRadio Times2022-10-22
It obviously takes someone as devious as the Master to work in the BBC press officeRadio Times2022-10-22
Jodie Whittaker bids farewell to the TARDISEmpire2022-11-01
Boney MasterRadio Times2022-11-05
Doctor on Call (Radio Times)Radio Times2022-11-05
Chris BoucherThe Times2022-12-20
I was fortunate enough to work with Chris BoucherThe Times2022-12-30

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