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chronological view
Peter Jeffrey obituaryThe Stage and Television Today2000-01-06
Master of TimeStarlog2000-01-25
Donald CottonNational Post2000-01-28
Kenneth WallerThe Times2000-02-02
Hooked on time travel: WhodunitThe Age2000-02-04
Dr Who police box makes comebackThe Sunday Telegraph (England)2000-02-13
Kenneth Waller obituaryThe Stage and Television Today2000-02-17
Reginald Jessup obituaryThe Stage and Television Today2000-02-24
Peter Davison: The At Home with the Braithwaites starBella2000-02-29
Ear CandyStarlog2000-03-02
Who's not going to New ZealandThe Stage and Television Today2000-03-16
Look Who is set to revamp the DoctorManchester Evening News2000-03-16
Learning how to be a sophisticated spookGorey Guardian2000-03-22
Doctor Who returnThe Stage and Television Today2000-03-23
An open letter to WQEDPittsburgh Post-Gazette2000-03-24
Look Who's back (The New Zealand Herald)The New Zealand Herald2000-04-06
F — you're fedorableThe Daily Telegraph2000-04-15
Remembering Jon Pertwee's Magic momentsThe Stage and Television Today2000-05-11
No doctors but plenty of teachers in TardisThe Northern Echo2000-05-12
Coming soon .. invasion of the aliensEdinburgh Evening News2000-05-23
I Thought You Were DeadUncut2000-06-01
About time, tooThe Guardian2000-06-14
Hilary Minster obituaryThe Stage and Television Today2000-06-22
Aubrey Richards obituaryThe Stage and Television Today2000-06-29
Double your moneySight & Sound2000-07-01
How the Daleks have made my life a miseryDaily Express2000-07-06
Mum's phobia hellDaily Star2000-07-06
Exhibition throws light on dark sideThe Northern Echo2000-07-15
David Neal obituaryThe Stage and Television Today2000-08-10
Look Who's coming to visitMetro (England)2000-08-18
Freeware from IndiVideoDemocrat and Chronicle2000-09-04
V ShopNational Post2000-09-05
The Doctor Is In (Cedar Rapids Gazette)The Cedar Rapids Gazette2000-09-06
25 years on, Basil Fawlty's antics cannot be surpassedThe Daily Telegraph2000-09-06
Doctor ScepticThe Daily Telegraph2000-09-07
Colouring in Doctor WhoThe Press2000-09-19
United They FallThe Spectator2000-09-23
Lawrence Davidson obituaryThe Stage and Television Today2000-10-26
Sci-fi fans find plenty of the otherworldlyChicago Tribune2000-11-14
Daphne Dare obituaryThe Stage and Television Today2000-11-16
Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal DeathEntertainment Weekly2000-11-24
Dyke calls up Daleks to take on HollywoodThe Sunday Times2000-11-26
An Entrance To the World Of 'Doctor Who'The Washington Post2000-12-02
Spearhead from SpaceEvening Chronicle2000-12-13
A new library display about Who?Ingenium2000-12-14
Science Vision: MSOE exhibit honors 'Dr. Who'Milwaukee Journal Sentinel2000-12-26
Who's that girl? (2000)The Advertiser2000-12-27