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Doctor Who: The SixtiesVox1993-01-01
Comes the StrangerStarlog1993-02-02
Alexei Sayle on being a minor celebrityThe Observer1993-02-14
Man tilts his way to pinball titleChicago Tribune1993-02-16
Jacqueline Hill obituary (The Times)The Times1993-02-24
60's HeroesVox1993-03-01
Dr Who confronts the deadly DaleksNew Straits Times1993-03-01
Jacqueline Hill obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1993-03-04
Take me back to the future!Daily Star1993-03-12
Tom moves up: Doc to surgeonThe Newcastle Journal1993-03-15
Jacqueline Hill obituary (Variety)Variety1993-03-15
Victorian ScreamerStarlog1993-04-01
Dr HootThe Sun1993-04-10
Guess who's 30 this year?The Mail on Sunday1993-04-18
Look Who's Back (Daily Star)Daily Star1993-04-18
Time throws a spanner in the Tardis's works as Dr Who celebrates his 30th birthdayThe Guardian1993-04-28
Tardis travels for Dr Who conventionBournemouth Daily Echo1993-04-29
Dr Who & The Daleks/Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 ADVox1993-05-01
Doing what comes naturallyThe Stage and Television Today1993-05-06
Daleks invaded the clubNottingham & Long Eaton Topper1993-05-08
Now you see himMorning News Tribune1993-05-14
Mastermind championThe Times1993-05-17
Thirty years and a handful of Doctors later, Doctor Who is still going strongThe Sun1993-05-19
Doctor Who: Dalek AttackYour Sinclair1993-06-01
Dr Who actor Peter Davison is to divorceThe Daily Telegraph1993-06-05
Back to the future for Dr Who's 30th BirthdayLondon Evening Standard1993-06-17
Who... when... why?The Daily Telegraph1993-06-18
It's time for a Dr Who specialThe Newcastle Journal1993-06-18
Coming soon: A Who's Who of Dr WhosDaily Mail1993-06-18
Dr Who: he really is invincibleThe Sunday Times1993-06-20
Now it's Dr NoLondon Evening Standard1993-07-09
Dr Who reunion wreckedDaily Mail1993-07-10
The script was quite simply no goodLondon Evening Standard1993-07-14
The Latest Online!Chicago Tribune1993-07-15
Flashback in time to Dr WhoThe Sydney Morning Herald1993-07-25
Doctor, where am I?Times Educational Supplement1993-08-06
Even Dr Who is not missing outIpswitch Star1993-08-07
This Sorry Tale Of Whose WhoDaily Mail1993-08-07
Doctor Who Fan Club New online!Chicago Tribune1993-08-12
Sci-Fi turns to media to spread its nameBroadcasting & Cable1993-08-16
Jacqueline Hill obituary (The Telegraph)The Daily Telegraph1993-08-23
Second 'time' around for JonBournemouth Daily Echo1993-08-27
UnexterminatedThe Times1993-08-27
Potter hits at BBC 'Daleks'The Guardian1993-08-28
A pair of croak-voiced DaleksLondon Evening Standard1993-08-31
Dr Who pops into the VicThe Sun1993-09-01
New Adventures in Space and timeStarburst1993-09-01
Dark DimensionsStarburst1993-09-01
Paradise of DeathStarburst1993-09-01
Bargain table yields treasure for this Doctor Who fanThe Star (Tinley Park, IL)1993-09-02
The BBC has released a special limited edition boxed set of the Doc adventuresThe Sun1993-09-04
EX-TOR-TION-ATE! (1993)Chelsea News and General Advertiser1993-09-09
The Doctor lives againThe Stage and Television Today1993-09-09
Phillip Schofield presentsNews of the World1993-09-19
The search on for TV's golden oldiesThe Herald (Ireland)1993-10-02
Sylvester reveals the real McCoyThe Newcastle Journal1993-10-09
About time (Chicago Tribune)Chicago Tribune1993-10-19
Launch to get sci-fi lookThe Press and Journal1993-10-21
Daleks invade AmericaThe Times1993-10-27
3D Dr Who goes east for charityThe Herald (Ireland)1993-10-27
Dr Who leads BBC into new dimensionLondon Evening Standard1993-10-27
Can Dr Who survive Steven Spielberg?The Times1993-10-27
Galactic gambleThe Times1993-10-27
Dr Who is back on track for TVThe Herald (Ireland)1993-10-28
Dr Who lands among a new galaxy of starsDaily Express1993-10-28
No 273: Doctor WhoThe Guardian1993-10-29
Planet of the DaleksRadio Times1993-10-30
The elegant Jon PertweeRadio Times1993-10-30
10 things you didn't know about ... Doctor WhoGood Idea!1993-11-01
30 Years Of Doctor Who and Its MusicFilm Score Monthly1993-11-01
Take us to your leadersDaily Express1993-11-01
Forever The DoctorStarlog1993-11-02
Doctor Who's New DimensionAriel1993-11-02
Dr Who meets Eastenders ... in 3-DAberdeen Evening Express1993-11-03
Meanwhile, the BBC has confirmed that it is in negotiations with top US film director Steven Spielberg's production company Amblin about producing a new version of Dr WhoThe Stage and Television Today1993-11-04
Dr Who joins EastEnders in 3D specialBroadcast1993-11-05
Dr Who returns (Newcastle Journal)The Newcastle Journal1993-11-05
Just look Who's back!Daily Star1993-11-05
Tardis terrorThe Times1993-11-06
The show they could never exterminateThe Herald (Ireland)1993-11-06
The Doctor with an American accent — you've got to be kidding!The Stage and Television Today1993-11-11
Send for the Doctor!Liverpool Echo1993-11-13
Invasion of Albert SquareSandwell Evening Mail1993-11-13
Dr Who enters another dimensionNew Scientist1993-11-13
The Doctor Who StoryBook and Magazine Collector1993-11-15
Dalek invasion in BrumSandwell Evening Mail1993-11-16
Convention's not lost on space fansThe Union-News1993-11-18
What a hullabaWho!The Stage and Television Today1993-11-18
Treat the Doctor with due respectThe Stage and Television Today1993-11-18
The Real McCoy (Sandwell Evening Mail)Sandwell Evening Mail1993-11-19
Carry on Screaming!Radio Times1993-11-20
The new Dr. Who?The Herald (Ireland)1993-11-20
Doctor Who, and friends, make a spectacle of themselves!Nottingham Weekly1993-11-20
Doctor, you've made me feel 20 years olderThe Sun1993-11-20
Doctor, who's that old girl?The Mirror1993-11-20
Tale of a Time LordRadio Times1993-11-20
Monster Who's WhoRadio Times1993-11-20
Tardis in a Time-WarpThe Spectator1993-11-20
30 Years of Doctor WhoRadio Times1993-11-20
Time Lord Back From The UniverseThe Sunday Mail (Queensland)1993-11-21
David takes Doctor Who into a new dimensionLichfield Mercury1993-11-25
Dr Who's waste of spaceDaily Express1993-11-26
Let's hope it's no 2-D effortThe Newcastle Journal1993-11-26
Rave from the caveDaily Express1993-11-26
Who's Kidding Who?Evening Chronicle1993-11-27
Visions honors British TV sci-fiChicago Tribune1993-11-28
Bring back doctorEvening Chronicle1993-11-29
Stage struckThe Newcastle Journal1993-11-30
Seven Time Lords in police boxWoolwich News Shopper1993-12-01
Bernard Martin obituaryThe Stage and Television Today1993-12-02
Too much 'hullabaWho' for true fansThe Stage and Television Today1993-12-02
Only time will tell for DavidLichfield Mercury1993-12-02
When the fast forward button comes into its ownThe Stage and Television Today1993-12-02
Dr. Who-30th AnniversaryThe Spokesman-Review1993-12-03
Cockney CompanionStarlog1993-12-03
Doctor Who, USARadio Times1993-12-04
Stars help make sci-fi charity auction shineDaily Herald1993-12-05
BBC and Tussauds hold theme park talksFinancial Times1993-12-06
BBC-style theme park plansThe Press and Journal1993-12-06
Dalek creator on mission to exterminate the impostersLondon Evening Standard1993-12-09
Dr Who's girl is her own womanThe Herald (Ireland)1993-12-09
A rotten script a day keeps the Doctor awayThe Stage and Television Today1993-12-09
Spielberg resurrects 'Dr. Who'The Newark Advocate1993-12-09
Good and bad times with the Time LordThe Stage and Television Today1993-12-16
Top Sci-fiThe Sun1993-12-17

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