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  • Publication: Vox
  • Date: March 1993
  • Author: Andy Robson
  • Page: 92
  • Language: English

Another '60s hero with no name enjoying an anniversary and a glut of new releases is Dr Who. Thirty years might not be long in the shelf-life of a Time Lord, but it's not quite true that everyone's favourite Gallifreyan (though Mary Tamm was much the best-looking) never canoodled with an earthling. The recent chart-topping The Aztecs (Pickwick £10.99) was produced by Verity Lambed of current El Dorado fame and reveals the original and most fiercesome Doctor, William Hartnell, getting engaged to an Aztec priestess.

But the best for screaming 'Look out Doctor!' and running down endless miles of corridor at Television Centre has to be Jo (Katy Manning) whose suede flares and 12" lapels decorate the spring launch of The Daemons. This 1971 series with Jon Pertwee of the candy floss hair-do is a real video discovery and 'must buy'. The original film was lost and the 'new' computer colourised version was in fact rescued by a former Dr Who script consultant, who successfully combined an American Betamax recording with the black and white masters.

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