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In December 1979, my son sent a money order for more than $50 to Join the Dr. Who Appreciation Society, based in London, England. My son never received acknowledgment of membership and we don't even know if our money order was cashed. Can you find out the status of this problem for us? — M.V., Dayton.

We not only solved the Who surrounding this problem, but also the what, when, where and how.

More than three years after your son first attempted to join the Dr. Who Society, he was reimbursed the $55.21 he paid for the money order.

He also received a pass for the upcoming Dr. Who convention scheduled July 22-24 In Columbus. Dr. Who is a science fiction personality featured on public television some time ago.

But your problem was not science fiction, because we invested more than a year on your case before it reached fruition.

You said you tried for more than two years without success to find information about your money order.

We learned through Winters National Bank & Trust Co. that the Dr. Who Society in London did cash your money order.

Then began the long process of determining why your son did not receive his membership.

Two letters we sent to the society drew no response.

In August, we wrote to the publisher, W.H. Allen & Co. Ltd. in London.

An Allen editor responded saying she had been in contact with the society about your problem. The editor also said the North American director of the society, Barbara Elder of Van Nuys, Calif., would be contacting us.

We wrote to Elder on Oct. 20, and she left a message on the Nov. 3 Action Line telephone tape stating she was checking into the matter.

In February, Elder said she couldn't find any records on your

membership, but she would refund ! the money if you could provide proof of your claim.

We sent this proof, and Elder eventually sent the check to you. As a peace offering for your highly lengthy wait, Elder also volunteered to send you a pass to the July convention.

You received that last month. For details about the upcoming Dr. Who convention, write to: Panopticon West 1983, Box 2583, Columbus, Ohio 43216002E

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