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Dr Who's Triple Trickster

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  • Publication: TV Scene
  • Date: 1983-05-14
  • Author: Margrit Beemster
  • Page: 24
  • Language: English

THE lovely Australian actress who is a star in Britain as Dr Who's assistant, Tegan, has a triple identity.

Her passport is in one name, she works under another name, and then there is her married name.

"I really have three names," Janet Fielding told SCENE this week.

"My passport is in my maiden name, Mahoney. Then when I went to work in England, I discovered there was another actress named Janet Mahoney.

"So when I registered with British Equity, I changed my name to Janet Fielding, which was my grandmother's name. She had always wanted to be an actress.

"At the time, the other Janet Mahoney was working in a Harold Fielding picture which was a flop ... I hope it's not an omen.

"And then six months ago I got married to a Fleet Street journalist, so now I'm Mrs Janet Davies as well."

SCENE spoke to Janet in Sydney this week. She is in Australia on a two-month holiday to see family and friends.

It is her first visit since leaving five years ago to take the play, The White Man's Mission, presented by the Popular Theatre Group, to England.

Born and raised in Brisbane, Janet has achieved international success with her role in Dr Who. It is screened in 37 countries.

After completing a Queensland University Bachelor of Arts degree, in which she majored in journalism, Janet worked with the Popular Theatre Group before going to England at the end of 1977.

She had originally intended to stay for a year, but offers of work kept coming and "one job led to another."

Romance also stepped into Janet's life when, four years ago, she met Nick Davies, a journalist with the Daily Mirror.

"I met him in a wine-bar in London," recalled Janet.

"It was kind of a blind date. The rugby writer on the Mirror had set it up .. . so far I'm grateful to him.

"I hadn't planned to stay in England for so long, but Nick was there . .."

Janet worked at the Science Fiction Theatre in Liverpool, then in repertory for 18 months before landing the role of Tegan 2 1/2 years ago.

"I was just over the moon when I found out that I had the part," says Janet.

"They were looking for an Australian actress."

Janet is in Australia on her own. Her husband is busy helping establish a Scottish edition of the Daily Mirror in Glasgow.

Nick has two daughters from his first marriage, Cassie, 11, and Antonia, 14.

"They are lovely girls," says Janet.

"They go to boarding school but come to stay with Nick and I at the weekends and during their holdiays.

"And they taught their father how to propose. They preempted him."

Janet said she and Nick intended to have children of their own eventually.

"But I'm in no great hurry," she laughed.

Janet says that while she loves living in London, she still sees Australia as her home.

"I would consider working both here and in England," she said.

"It's something I would really like to do, to come back here on a regular basis."

Janet is a slim, 5ft. 21n. tall with auburn hair and very much an indoors girl.

"I excercise and all that," says Janet.

"But what I really enjoy is relaxing with a good book."

Caption: JANET as Tegan.

Caption: JANET ... visit to Australia.

After Who

JANET Fielding returns to England for another series of Dr Who in a few weeks.

She said it would be her last series.

"I think three years in one show is long enough," Janet said.

"After that it starts to get like the civil service."

With a journalist as a husband, and her own interest in writing, it comes as no surprise that she and Nick have been writing a TV series together.

"But I think it will be a long time before we get anything worthwhile," Janet said

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