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If you're a science fiction fan, you'll want to check out one of the many Dr. Who books now available in the Young People's Department of the Indian Trails Public Library, or from the Summer Book Van when it visits your neighborhood. You'll even find a few Dr. Who records M the main library!

For 19 years, a British television program called Dr. Who has thrilied and entertained science fiction fans of all ages. It's now growing in popularity in the United States and has blossomed into a booming random replete with conventions and fan clubs.

So here's a little "Time Lord" quiz for you. If you need help, grab your sonic screwdriver, jump into your Tardis, and beam on over to the Indian Trails Library to look for the answers in your favorite Dr. Who books. There is even The Dr. Who Programme Gnide and The Dr. Who - What's Mita and Who's Who, just to help you learn the lingo of the "time lords!' keep track of the program's stars, and sort out the people and planets that the famous Dr. Who has visited.

Section I. Match Column A with Column B. There's only one answer per blank please.

Column A Column B

1. Skardo

2. Telos

3. The Sisterhood

4. K9

5 Daleks

6. Thals

7. Fosters

8 Exxilon

9. Karn

10. Tardis

11. The Keepers

12. The Master

13. Cybermen

14. Union of Traken

15. The White Guradian

16. Dr. Who

17. Susan

18. Romana

19. Movellans

20. Davros

__ A. Dr. Who's grand-daughter

__ B. Dr. Who's space-time machine

__ C. Home-world of the Daleks

__ D. Creator of the Daleks

__ E. Silver, indestructible monsters

__ F. Home planet of the Cybermen

__ G. Enemies of the Daleks on Skaro

__ H. Peace-loving creatures on Skaro

__ I. Home planet of the power of the Source

__ J. Computer shaped like a robot dog

__ K. The Time Lady

__ L. Gardeners of the Traken Empire

__ M. Guarded the secret of Eternal Life

__ N. Home planet of The Sisterhood

__ O. Control the power of the Source

__ P. Life-saving Parriniurn may be found here

__ Q. Their goal is to "exterminate, exterminate"

__ R. Renegade Time-Lord bent on Dr. Who's destruction

__ S. 750-year-old Time Lord

__ T. Guarded the six segments of the Key to Time

Section II. Fill in the blanks.

1. The home-planet of the Time Lords" is

2. What actor played Dr. Who in the two feature films that have been made?

3. Name the five actors who've played the Doctor on the BBC Television series.

4. What is Dr. Who's real name?

5. Who is Sarah Jane Smith?

6. Who or what is "Bessie"

7. What musical instrument did the second Doctor play?

8. How many regenerations may a "Time Lord" make?

9. What does T.A.R.D.I.S. stand for"

10. What kind of candy does Dr. Who 04 always seem to have in his pockets?


Section I- A-17; B-10; C-1; D-20; E-13; F.2; G-19; H-6; 1-14; J-4: K-18; L-7; M-3; N-9; 011; P-61 Q-5; R-12: S-16: T45.

Section II: 1. Gallifrey; 2. Peter Cushing; 3. William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker and Peter Davison; 4. It's never given; 5. A journalist and one of Dr. Who's companions; 6. The 3rd Doctor's car; 7. A recorder; 8. Twelve; 9. Time And Relative Dimensions In Space; 10. Jelly Babies.

Submitted by Barbara Victor and Chris Gibson, Indian Trails Library

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