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I was very distressed to hear of Channel 10's decision not to renew the contract with Lionheart Television for the science fiction program, Doctor Who. Doctor Who is one of the most popular shows on public television today, and it would seem to me that, given the large fan following that the show enjoys here in Milwaukee, cancellation of the program would be at best unwise.


Milwaukee, WI

I am extremely sorry to hear that you plan to "rest" Doctor Who for the near future. The logic, as explained to me, was that the next series (presumably Tom Baker) had already been seen several times. Under that premise, I'd suppose you are going to cancel Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street, and Newton's Apple, along with never having Ancient Lives, The Making of a Continent, World at War, and Wonderworks pass your door again. All of these are wonderful programs that have been around several times.

The Baker Doctor Who series has not been broadcast for at least two years and, from what I recall, was one of the better produced portions. I am distressed that my five-year-old will not have a chance to see them, even through our present procedure of taping episodes for him. He loves the program and can quote the programs and personnel as some do baseball stats. Along with providing some thoughtful fantasy for him, I find it directly reflects in his language skills and vocabulary. Personally, I have not seen college for over 20 years, and my little boy won't for some time. We do not wear long scarves and funny hats and go to conventions. We enjoy intelligent fantasy programming and look to 10/36 to live up to its PBS competition in providing it.

S.J. Milwaukee, WI

Enclosed is a check which I hope you will consider as my vote and encouragement to return Doctor Who to Channel 10. I also enjoy many of the NOVA programs and specials. Channels 10/36 is still television worth paying for.

C. W.

Milwaukee, WI

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