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Next On BBC1

It is a well known fact that only very weird people ever write in to Points of View at the Beeb. You know the kind of thing: "I was disgusted to hear the word 'elbow' mentioned on BBC2 last night before nine o'clock" or "I would gladly give my right arm and several toes for the chance to see the closing credits of last night's six o'clock news again".

Anyway, I am not (very) weird and so I am not going to write to Points of View. Instead, I am writing to you to say how glad I am that Doctor Who is back on the box (pity about Bonnie Langford, though)

Ever thought of changing your postcode to W12 8QT?

Roger Thomson

Crewkerne, Sommerset

It's nice to know that ETI is held in higher esteem than Points of View. Quite agree about Doctor Who (and about Bonnie Langford).

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