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A Dalek Carries the Can

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STUDENTS seem to get younger every year even faster than policemen. Also nicer. The girls are rosy-cheeked and round-faced. They are more diligent than daring. Nearly all of their costumes are designed to be snug and sensible. They are not giving anything away.

Charities Day means business, sound enough hotness, but small. It has become content to be a penny peepshow. Very agreeable. Hardly original.

Starlings stun to be on nearly everybody's mind. Two floats—or is it three, perhaps four—in the parade are devoted to starlings. Thank heaven, cows can't fly, says one. The Pill has another all to itself; so does factory farming. Social consciousness and C.N.D. set into everybody's act.

Lord Provost John Johnston takes the float-past of a procession which the police have felt they had to chop up for traffic reasons.

KKK hoods are popular. So is any old costume idea so long as it hides the face. But even this isn't true of everybody.

A small group masquerading as Indian students with skillful-looking face makeup and impeccable dhotis turn out to be Indian students in dhotis. One of them has added a Sitting Bull feather headdress as an after-thought.

In Hope Street two athletic bunny girls have coralled a traffic warden. He is standing laughing, turning over his empty money pouch and moving his head from side to side.

The girls just stand there, too, not laughing, and moving theirs up and down.

A jumbo Dalek has conquered Sauchiehall Street.

It works mechanically with all sorts of menacing looking bits sticking out. It works in a monetary way, too. People queue u at his car.

And there are a squad of five circling spacemen, with guns, for further persuasion.

Bob Smart, another design student, makes the space suits.

"Soon people don't do anything. They think they've just got to rattle a can and somehow it will fill up. We like to put on a bit of a show."

Caption: Mike Moore who built the jumbo Dalek from "cardboard balsa-wood, and God's knows what." A hula-hoop holds it together.

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