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A Famous Dram For The New Dr Who

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DAVID Tennant didn't need the help of his trusty Tardis to transport him back to Scotland during the BAFTAs in London - he made a beeline instead for The Famous Grouse bar.

Anyway, the new Dr Who hasn't got the keys yet off Christopher Eccleston, or so he told our woman propping up the bar as they sipped a whisky "long" - that's with ginger beer and fresh lime.

David was telling her he was a Bathgate boy who spent his formative years in Paisley, which seemed to do the trick as he "mooched" a bottle of Grouse.

"Now he can relax and have a dram at the end of a hard day's filming with all those monsters," Louise Nicoll of The Famous Grouse told us, as Sarah Parish, star of Cutting It, cut in on their photo together.

We were interested in what David had to say about teaming up with Billie Piper, especially on account of his disrespectful theory about Shakespeare. When he played Romeo at the RSC, he claimed they had "tweaked" the script, adding a few years on to Juliet. After studying the original play, David came to the conclusion that Shakespeare was "probably something of a dirty old man." As someone who has just finished playing Casanova, David's an authority. "He (the bard) makes it specifically clear that Juliet is 14, and then, not much further on, he makes it very, very clear that she's been ******." (We don't think they'll let him use that word on Dr Who either.)

At first, Tennant considered the Romeo role to be the "ultimate romantic lead", but no doubt has changed his mind since Casanova. Not for him the pretentious luvvie prattle of how sex scenes are "difficult".

"It was great fun. It was a romp. There's not a lot of gratuitous nudity, but there's lots of skirts, bustiers and corsets - and that's just me."

Aye, you can take the boy out of Paisley ...

A MEMBER of the Camilla Corps calls regarding how the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment came to be known as the Squidgies due to that bounder Hewitt's pet name for Diana. "Actually, it was the Squidgies (Mounted)."

Hugh and cry over motto

OUR piece on the Kerr clan's electioneering yesterday in Stirling, with the clan chief an' a', the Marquis of Lothian, has upset our man in Brussels.

Hugh Kerr, of that ilk, is back in Scotland campaigning as SSP candidate for Kilmarnock.

He points out that the clan motto is Sero Sed Serio ("Late but in earnest"), not, as we were told, "I remain unvanquished".

Kerr of that ilk points out that he began his political career as secretary of Kilmarnock Young Socialists in 1959, so maybe the clan motto will come true finally on 5 May. How about Dum Spiro Spero ("While I breathe, I hope") instead, Hugh? - we reckon you will need at least a 26% swing.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Reid's metamorphosis into a Nat reminds Hugh of when Jimmy was national organiser for the Young Communist League and tried to recruit the young Kerr to the YCL. Hugh thought they were too right-wing, particularly in their support for the Soviet Union's H-bomb as a "workers' bomb." "But I'm glad to see I have stayed to the left of Jimmy right till the end."

P&J finds the missing link

NOT quite up there with the Press and Journal's legendary Titanic splash, "North East Man Lost at Sea", but yesterday the P&J gave a nod in that direction with "New Pope Has Aberdeen link." The Granite City, it would seem, is twinned with Regensburg in Bavaria, which just happens to be the home town of Papa Ratzi, as the Italians are now referring to the new Pontiff. Our favourite of that ilk is still "Queen in brawl at Palace." That was Gerry Queen and Crystal Palace.

Some light relief as Margo makes her point

THE unquenchable Margo MacDonald can be depended on for the scathing quip. True to form, she brought a routine First Minister's Question Time to life yesterday.

She was trying to cut in with a point of order as Jack McConnell was about to reply to an SNP question on population decline.

Presiding Officer "Colonel" Reid: "If you wait until we get the First Minister's answer ..."

Margo: "I should live so long."

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