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Adam Richard, Doctor Who nut

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  • Publication: The Age
  • Date: 2011-12-22
  • Author: Paul Kalina
  • Page: Green Guide, p. 2
  • Language: English

My scariest TV moment was when ... Noah took his hand out of his pocket and it had mutated into green bubble-wrap. (Doctor Who: The Ark in Space, 1975.) I decided a television career was for me when ... I started noticing my favourite episodes of Doctor Who seemed to be written by the same man (Robert Holmes - genius). My favourite thing about summer TV is ... Richie Benaud. People I admire most ... Wil Anderson, Rove McManus. Hosting is the hardest job on television.

It takes a lot of work to make something look effortless. This is why I prefer being second, or even 13th, banana. I'm not good with effort. My guilty TV pleasure is ... The Rachel Zoe Project. She's the stylist to the stars and she drops names like dandruff but none of the stars ever appear on the show! She's always going to and from a meeting with Anne Hathaway but you never get to see the meeting. You only ever see Anne Hathaway in still photos. I think Anne Hathaway secretly hates her. Never bring back ... It's a Knockout or Big Brother. I may be a bit late on that one ... Reality television is ... glorious. Come Dine with Me, Grand Designs, Survivor. Scripted shows are like paintings, reality shows are like sculpture. There's good and bad in both. When scripted shows are bad, they're boring, when reality shows are bad, they erode the moral fabric of society. Hair, make-up or wardrobe? Make-up. You want gossip? Those girls are a fountain of it. As for wardrobe, our costume designer on Outland, Kitty Stuckey, is a genius. She dressed me as a Dalek, a space vixen and Kylie Minogue. The book I'd like to see on TV is ... the Connie Willis Oxford books (Doomsday Book, To Say Nothing of the Dog, Blackout/All Clear) where history students have to do a prac using a time machine. My favourite theme song is ... it's a toss-up between Doctor Who and The Littlest Hobo. I wish I had time to watch ... Battlestar Galactica again from go to whoa. Dave, Carrie or Charlie? I can't choose between friends! I've known Dave the longest, so he wins by default. The best thing to happen on TV was ... Doctor Who. (I'm becoming repetitive, I know.) The show that has had the greatest influence on me is ... Doctor Who. (See.) I always wondered why my parents watched ... the news. It's so depressing. Except the stuck kitten, elephant birthday or teddy bear picnic story at the end. Awwww. I loathe but can't look away from ... the Kardashians. If I were a TV programmer I'd ... make a whole cable channel that just showed Game of Thrones over and over and over again. And a Doctor Who channel. Possibly a Law & Order channel, as well. My dream TV job is ... I have it. Creating a sitcom about a gay science-fiction club. I get to write and act, and work with a '90s pop star! It's a nerdy gay boy's dream. Women on TV ... don't have to be barely legal blonde bints with no opinions. Judith Lucy, Jennifer Saunders, Maggie Smith, Tracy Grimshaw, Ellen DeGeneres. My 2012 resolution is ... unwrap some of those DVDs and watch them. PAUL KALINA Adam Richard is the writer and star of Outland, airing on ABC1 in early 2012.

GRAPHIC: PHOTO: Writer-actor-comedian Adam Richard loves his job. PICTURE: SIMON SCHLUTER

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