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They are Michael Kitson, 11, of Canterbury, and Vicki Thleberger, 13, of South Yarra.

Michael and Vicki are only two of thousands of dedicated fans, but whenever they receive Dr Who news from the BBC, Tom Baker, friends in the UK or fan clubs, they pass it on.

Both are amazed that the ABC could hold back the new series for a year after it had been shown overseas, despite viewers' demands. And they are both overjoyed that the new (18th) Dr Who series, the last starring Tom Baker, is about to begin (6.34 pm Monday 8 March) on Channel 2.

In the UK, the episodes are shown at the rate of one a week, allowing the fans time to read the stories in book form between viewings.

The ABC's habit is to use up four episodes a week, so it will take us only seven weeks to gallop through the 28 episodes of Series 18. If the 19th series (starring Peter Davison as Dr Who) is stored In the ABC bank for long enough to gather dust, the fans will undoubtedly storm the barricades.

Michael almost stormed them last year. He led a deputation of Dr Who fans to the ABC manager for TV, but the protesters got no further than the reception desk at Ripponies.

Michael's room at home is filled with 64 books, posters, newspaper cuttings and photographs, all referring to Dr Who.

Vicki went overseas with her parents last year, and saw the 18th series on TV. When she helped man the C Page "hotline" In December, we passed the Dr Who callers on to her, and she gave them the addresses of the international fan clubs and swapped Dr Who news.

So, here are some details of the seven stories of Series 18, compiled with the help of Vicki, Michael, and the ABC's publicity department.

1 — The Leisure Hive: The Doctor loses his long multi-colored scarf and gains a new one, much shorter and a sombre brown. In the Hive of Argolis, where businessmen of the 23rd century relax in style, he meets the Foamasi alien monsters and who deal in planetary real estate.

2 — Meglos: Two warrior groups, the Savants and the Deons, meet in battle. Meglos, the last survivor of the Zolpha-Thura can transform himself into any shape at will.

3 — Full Circle: Matthew Arnold, a 19-year-old actor, plays Adric, a new humanoid helper for Doctor Who. The survivors of a crashed space ship are enveloped in the Marshmen's mist.

4 — State of Decay: The King of the Vampires runs away to Exo-Space to regain energy and power.

5 — Warriors' Gate: The Tardis Is hijacked by the Tharils. Romana and K9 leave the series. (K9 comes back later, as a result of viewers' demands.)

6 — Keeper of the Traken: Enter Nyssa, the Doctor's new companion, played by Sarah Sutton, who played the part of the blind girl in the serial Moon Stallion.

7 — Logopolis: Doctor Who gathers a third assistant called Tegan, who was born in Brisbane. (So was Janet Fielding, who takes the part.) Tom Baker's Doctor disappears and Peter Davison's Doctor almost materialises. The Logopolitans are trying to keep the Universe alive.

Caption: 'Dr Who' fan Michael Kitson of Canterbury (left) and Michael Burkett of Balwyn buried in Michael Kitson's collection of 'Dr Who' and K9 souvenirs.

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