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Dalek Invasion!

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EARTH is an eerie and sinister place in 2150 A.D. Subjected to a ferocious Dalek invasion, it has been bombarded with meteorites and cosmic rays. Its cities have been smashed.

Whole contingents have been wiped out. Human beings turned into living dead men -- Robomen -- able to act only on radioed instructions from their masters. Other humans have been commandeered to work as slaves in a massive mine in Bedfordshire.

Only a small group of resistance fighters holds out in London .... and that's where the action is in 'Daleks -- Invasion Earth 2150 AD.' screened at the Regal all next week.

A brilliant scientist, Dr. Who (Peter Cushing), is transported into the future by a time and space machine. He arrives at the height of the crisis, bringing with him his niece (Jill Curzon) grand-daughter Susan (Robert Tovey), and Tom (Bernard Cribbins), a passing policeman who stumbled into the machine when the controls were already set.

The Daleks' aim is to blast out earth's metallic core through a fracture in the planet's crust and pilot it as a spaceship. But Dr. Who has discovered the fatal weakness of the metal invaders.

Any deviation in the aiming of the bomb would unleash a strong force of magnetic energy and destroy them. The bomb does explode in the wrong place and the wrong time .... and the invaders are exterminated.

Caption: Human beings are turned into living dead men -- the 'Robomen' -- able to act only on radioed instructions.

Caption: The bloodless, fleshless invaders from another planet advance on the earthlings ...

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