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'Doctor Who' in cleavage shock. This Christmas special box-set release features two Master stories from the Jon Pertwee era, 'The Time Monster' and 'Colony in Space'. Today they are best watched for their kitsch value. Unlike the asexual Doctor patronising the groovily clad Miss Grant, Roger Delgado's Master clearly puts it about a bit and looks like he may well be into S&M. In 'The Time Monster' he seduces the Queen of Atlantis, no less, played by horror actress Ingrid Pitt in a plunging top. The Master is in Atlantis to summon the feared 'chronovore' Kronos, which unfortunately looks like a demented budgie on a harness. There's also a preposterous Minotaur which looks like, well a bloke with a crap bull mask on. The Master is up to more mischief in an alien quarry in 'Colony in Space', which is notable for some laughable men in green rubber suits dressed as 'primitives' and a kid in a sub-'Twilight Zone' mask who is apparently their all-powerful Guardian. At least Pertwee and Delgado do their best as they battle against their most feared and deadly enemy - the BBC special effects department.

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