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Doctor Who: The best show you’re not watching

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Back on a cold November evening in 1963, the British public sat down in front of their TV screens to watch (in glorious black and white) the first episode of a new science fiction show called “Doctor Who.” Many people tuning in that day could hardly anticipate how big and how loved this show was to become.

Nearly 50 years on, and “Doctor Who” is still a huge phenomenon; in fact, it is just becoming a phenomenon here in the United States. But for many decades, it has been cemented in the British public’s consciousness. Most Brits from all ages know what a Dale is. Most people associate the iconic blue police box with “Doctor Who” now (in fact the Metropolitan Police lost the rights of the blue box to the BBC, because more people associated it with “Doctor Who”).

So how has this 50-year-old show about a very British, slightly mad alien who time travels ‘round in a box become such a monster hit around the world?

Since its revitalization in 2005, “Doctor Who” has been the pinnacle of superb drama writing and utter suspense. I made the argument a while back that “Doctor Who” is more frightening and definitely more eerie than most horror movies. If you think I’m talking bollocks here, then go watch the episode “Blink,” which features the incredibly disturbing Weeping Angels. The writing and overall story arcs on the show have kept many tuned in for years, and the lighthearted nature that has come with the show has truly let people of all ages enjoy it.

Also, thanks to the unique nature of the Doctor (he can regenerate into an entirely different person with different quirks and personality), the show is able to constantly change, which has contributed to its longevity.

The United States is really just becoming fully aware of the greatness of this show. Except for reruns of some old Tom Baker episodes in the 1970s, the United States has never really been fully aware of the great nature of this show until recently. Over the last couple years, BBC America has been strongly promoting the show here and in fact, the first two episodes of the new season will take place in Utah and Washington D.C. (with the most frightening villain of all taking part: Richard Nixon!!!).

So what is the point of this article then? Basically I want to spread my love for this show to as many people as possible. It deserves all the attention and respect it can get. Once you start watching, then you won’t want to stop. It is an incredible series. And in the world of mind-numbing reality TV rubbish where rich, obnoxious idiots scream at each other, we need a show like “Doctor Who” with characters and stories which we will grow to love and care about.

On one last note, I would just like to say this: bowties are cool…

Series 6 of Doctor Who returns to BBC America on April 23 at 9 p.m. If you want more information on this show, visit

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