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Dr. Who and The Lionheart

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In today's new adventure the travellers in space and time find themselves in the days of the Crusades

In spite of that elusive fault in her guidance system, the space-time vessel Tardis seems to have on consistent tendency--and that is to return every so often to planet Earth. Today she touches down once more on that familiar soil--and into a dark though picturesque period of its history.

The place is what is now called the Middle East, and the time is the twelfth century A.D. Europe has still not recovered from the fall of Rome so many centuries before, and the rising power of the Arab world is still steadily pressing westward.

The Kings of Europe have joined in a crusade to drive the Paynim--the unbelievers--from the Holy Land, and among the champions of Christendom who fight under the badge of the Cross is Richard I of England--the Lionheart. Richard's great and chivalrous opponent is Salah-ud-Din, or Saladin, most famous of the Saracen leaders, and it is into the conflict between these two that the voyagers in Tardis find themselves projected.

For this adventure written by David Whitaker, the four regular travellers are joined by Julian Glover (left) as the Lionheart. He has recently been doing some travelling himself, touring Europe and South American in Shakespeare with Sir Ralph Richardson. He has appeared quite often on BBC-tv and starred in Murder Mistaken. Saladin is played by Bernard Kay, who will be remembered by Dr. Who followers as Tyler in the last Dalek story.

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